Visionaries, Artists, and the Lonely Quest for Truth!

Simple Truth

Since the beginning of time here this world has always had its dreamers, men and women who dared to dream dreams and even to see visions. Dreaming you could say is one thing and seeing visions is another and in a lot of ways you could say that these people could very well have what you might call a “fertile imagination.” Such an imagination you’d have to say can be a gift of God and if it is then it has to be quickly recognised as such and we all have to recognise that a lot of our talents are kind of inborn and this is the person that God has made you to be and so God wishes to work together with your uniqueness, we are all unique creations of God and this is miraculous in itself as every one of us is different although we all might have similarities.

The problem with the similarities that we might all have is that this can become a kind of a safe zone for people and also it can become a kind of a prison because these similarities can become what is called the norms and so a treadmill here can quickly set in and people with more fertile imaginations don’t like treadmills! So one thing that a lot of these crazy dreamers have in common is that they are against the treadmill of humanity and so they just have to rise above all of this, they have to express their individuality and their uniqueness, they know deep down that there is something they have to do although they don’t always know what it is and so we have in the world and always have had in the world, poets, philosophers, musicians, artists, song writers, actors & actresses, science fiction writers, story tellers and movie makers, religionists, psychics and star gazers and even scientists can have their moments of truth.

Another thing these dreamers have in common is that they detect there is something wrong, something wrong can be a big subject to them as the something that is wrong isn’t always tangible, something in their senses is telling them that there is something wrong or perhaps it’s an inner voice, all they know is that they come alive when they tune into this inner or even outer dimension! tumblr_oeg76rihol1tntn9qo1_500

They might even feel that they have to get away and go they know not where, all they know is that when they follow the leadings of what most people would call inspiration, then they come alive and they in this same sense become visionaries! They either literally see a vision or they tune into something that is quite intangible though to them in the visionary sense it is very tangible and very real, the problem they have is that it might not be real to other people and so they have to put it into their creativity and so they have a kind of a creative energy that they are tuning into, they don’t always know where the source is that they are tuning into, whether it’s a million miles away or simply in their minds or in their hearts or in their souls, they can’t quite tell others how it all works, all they know is that they have to put it into their art or into their song or into their music and into their creation, whatever that might be!

The hope here is that others might tune into this intangible reality and share this moment of truth and vision with them. These people have to always remember that it comes from another source and as soon as they take credit for it themselves then it will vanish as quickly as it came. Their danger has always been that they lean solely upon their own imaginations and give credit and glory to themselves and not the source, their other danger is that they might find all of these inspirations very very lonely, these such people have to pretty much step out of humanity and in this same sense they might find themselves walking amongst the stars all alone or perhaps their minds might spin and span off into the future and they may then find themselves ahead of their time. 15It’s as if they go into the future and come back and tell others what it is like, they might not always get the times and dates right or make it completely clear to others what they saw, all they know is that they did see and it will happen! Their other greatest danger is that they might confide too much in others who also say they are having experiences along the same lines, visionaries of course need other people because they get very very lonely, truth can be a very lonely thing and can even be unique to the individual and so you might need to share it with others who will of course be wary of you and there will be millions who won’t believe you and so you might find you have a strong impulse to confide in other would-be visionaries, you have to be vary careful here though as they might not be visionaries at all, they might be solely dependent upon their own fertile imaginations full stop and it might turn out that their inner voice and their tuning into other dimensions wasn’t real at all, that they were simply imagining all of this and their inspiration for this was only their pride, pride that can even take up residence in a fertile imagination! It’s best to get away from such people and to go back to your lonely cloud and even go back to that old song that would say, “though none go with me still I will follow, I have decided to follow Jesus, you can take the whole world but give me Jesus!”

The whole world is built upon imagination, imagination that is coming from the pride of man. Yes, mankind has been given a gift of imagination but this should work together with God and not pride and glorification of self, so yes, though none go with me and none go with you then still we must follow, the cross before us, the world behind us, we can’t turn back!


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