The Coming Temple – Full Documentary

All the  more these days, especially on alternative media sites, there is much talk of the soon to be rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. It wouldn’t surprise you if all of this talk started to cross over into mainstream news, you can’t help thinking that if it did then people would start to sit up and listen and you also can’t help thinking that if it did then you would have some kind of an official confirmation of the reality of all of this and that is what we are talking about here, some kind of official confirmation that the Jews want in Israel in connection with their temple being rebuilt. So yes, if this talk of the temple being rebuilt ever went more mainstream then you would have to say that it would be a major step towards the covenant being confirmed. One day there will be some kind of an official confirmation that the bible calls the confirming of the covenant, this means that the Jews will have permission to build their temple from the Messiah himself. The sad fact is that the True Messiah came two thousand years ago and they rejected Him and so they lost their temple back then in 70AD and so ever since then they have always wanted their temple back and for their messiah (false messiah) to confirm it. Well anyway, here’s an interesting documentary that goes into some issues that surround the temple – hope you enjoy it!

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