Confirming “The Covenant” and the Middle East!

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The problems in the Middle East just seem to go on and on and on and we all wonder just what the solution is and what it is that they really want out there in Israel. What they appear to want is for the whole world to enter into some kind of agreement with them and if the world doesn’t enter into an agreement with them then they appear to be quite willing to go it alone in order to get what they want, so underneath it all, what is it that they really want in Israel? Well, believe it or not, what they really want is their covenant confirmed and they won’t stop until they get this.

A covenant means an agreement as most people would know so what kind of agreement are they looking for and with whom? If you go back to the days of Daniel the prophet and look in chapter 9 of the book of Daniel then you read of Daniel praying for his people, it was nearing the end of a 70-year captivity period that Jeremiah had prophesied would happen due to the sins of the children of Israel against God and Daniel understood all of this and knew that their captivity was coming to an end. And why did they go into captivity? It was because they hadn’t kept their part of the agreement with God back then, their agreement, or in other words, covenant with God, meant that they had everything up and running in the land of Israel, they had their temple and they had their animal sacrifices and it was all good and so they had God’s blessing and this was particularly true under King Solomon. So this is what they actually want in Israel, they want their nation back to what it was like under King Solomon or at least the Rabbis do but the problem they have with all of this is the same problem that they had when they lost it all in the first place and the reason they lost it all to put it simply was because of pride, they had become a self-determining nation rather than a nation that was looking to God for their salvation and so in short they were going their own way rather than God’s way, they wanted a proud nation in their own right and not in God’s right!

screen-shot-2016-07-25-at-3-05-59-pmUnder King Solomon, all the wisdom in running the nation of Israel was coming from God and so everything was good back then, Solomon had built them a temple and so they would look to God by going to the temple and they would have their animal sacrifices in association with the temple and this was called the “daily sacrifice” and this is what they want and this is the covenant that they want to be confirmed and the Only One that can confirm such a covenant would be God Himself in the form of a Messiah and this right here is where it all went wrong for Israel two thousand years ago because in the same chapter 9 we read of the Messiah who was to come and who was as Daniel put it, to be cut off, or in other words, crucified! Jesus came with a Covenant (agreement) and the Jews were meant to enter into that Covenant and this Covenant is also now called the New Testament. The New Testament would tell the Jews that it is no longer about temples and animal sacrifice, these were all symbolic of the Real Thing; the animal sacrifice would symbolise True Righteousness and Mercy and this is particularly true when they sacrificed a lamb without spot and blemish, this lamb without spot and blemish symbolised Jesus who was to die for the sins of the whole world and not just for the nation of Israel! But sad to say, this is why the nation of Israel rejected Jesus because Jesus made it clear to them that they didn’t need their temple anymore and they didn’t  need their animal sacrifices and He also made it clear to them that He had come to die for ALL nations and not just their nation so what Jesus was saying is that we are all equal in God’s sight for “ALL have sinned and come short of the Glory of God” and what God actually wants is for us all is to be one people under God, He wants us all to be brothers and sisters and for us all to be classified as true Children of God through Jesus.

This didn’t go down too well with the Jews back then because of their pride, they wanted a Messiah to come along and tell them that they were above everybody else, that they were a special class of people and this is why they believed that God had chosen them, they didn’t like it when Jesus was choosing other people from other nations and telling them that they should accept these people from these other nations as their true brothers and sisters and so all being said, they didn’t enter into a True Covenant with Jesus, this was really the Covenant that they should have been looking for; all their prophets had prophesied of Jesus and all their animal sacrifices and the building of the temple etc. all pointed to the True Messiah which was Jesus and here was Jesus dwelling amongst them and why would they need the temple and animal sacrifices anymore because they had Jesus! But this of maxresdefault-2course wasn’t good enough for them because they wanted to be a proud nation and a nation above all nations. Jesus even had all the people heralding Him as their King when they were all crying out “Hosanna to the King!” Hosanna means “save us, we beseech thee” so the people in Israel were starting to look to Jesus to be their King and Saviour and this could have snowballed back then and spread across the whole nation and when the High Priests saw all of this they were infuriated and murder was in their hearts, they were losing their grip on the people and they were losing their power which is what they really wanted all along and so as we all know, they got their heads together and decided to crucify Jesus! But what they had actually done in crucifying Jesus was to reject the Covenant, this was the Covenant that they should have always really wanted to get back in true alignment with God and with Jesus and if they did this then their nation would have been up and running again but it would be a lot broader than just that nation, it could very well from then onwards have spread to all the other nations. The Jews had a massive influence on the Roman Empire that they were in captivity to and we see this when they got Pilot to crucify Jesus so clearly they could have had a massive positive influence on the whole world if they had only accepted Jesus as their True Messiah but NO, they rejected Jesus and stirred the people up against Him and so they lost everything because as Jesus said, their temple would be torn down and there wouldn’t be one stone left upon another that wouldn’t be cast down, this symbolising that God had left them and this stands true to this very day, there is no temple in Jerusalem and two thousand years ago the Jews were scattered all around the world for their sins in rejecting Jesus. When Pilot washed his hands of the blood of Jesus the Pharisees and Rabbis shouted out, “His blood be upon us and our children!” This also meaning that they would teach their children from then onwards to reject and even curse Jesus and so the Nation of Israel became antichrist and still is to this very day!

And so they were scattered in the whole world back then but they found their way back into the land of Israel back in 1948 and from then onwards they have been rebuilding the land of Israel, but again, not under the True Messiah and the True Covenant! But herein lies the whole madness of the whole thing in that they still want their covenant confirmed by their apparent true Messiah; there is no temple on the temple mount to remind them of the words of Jesus but still they want to rebuild the temple in defiance of this, they want to rebuilt their temple for when their apparent true messiah comes to confirm the covenant, this apparently telling them that yes, all is good and that they should resume animal Signing of the covenantsacrifice so sad to say, the troubles in the Middle East aren’t going to go away until this apparent solution happens, so no matter what deal they come up with or what agreement they come up with with the Palestinians or the world, they won’t settle for this because the only thing they will ever settle for is the whole works, they want it all! They want their whole nation back, they want Jerusalem as their capital and they want their temple back on the temple mount and their daily sacrifice back and they want their so-called messiah to come along and confirm all of this as in their minds; none of this will happen unless their apparent true messiah comes along and makes it happen by confirming all of this and they want the whole world and all the different religions to be ok with this.

The other interesting thing of late is all these Rabbis you keep hearing about who one way or another either by hook or by crook you would say or through wishful thinking or through prophesying through Satan himself or perhaps even God still tells them things that they don’t want to hear and they choose to see this in a false light are all coming up with the view that the messiah is just around the corner when the real reality of the whole matter is that the messiah isn’t just around the corner because the True Messiah has already come two thousand years ago and He can still be found to this day spiritually by anyone who wishes to tune into Him and enter into the True Covenant, the True Covenant will also tell us that the Kingdom of God is here on this earth and that True Kingdom of God is populated by every True born again Child of God! So it doesn’t matter whether you are in France, India, Spain, America, Brazil, Africa, England, no matter what country you are in, it doesn’t matter, IF you are a true born again Christian then you are a True member of the Kingdom of God!

Another interesting thing about some of these Rabbis is that they are now pointing to e85da88aa525673dde63c471287bd882Donald Trump as being the new Cyrus. Cyrus back in his day was what was called by the Jews an anointed king, Cyrus wasn’t a Jew but still the Jews accepted him as an anointed king. The word “anointed” in the bible has an association with The Christ, or in other words, “The Anointed One.” They didn’t see Cyrus as their Christ in the literal sense of the word but they saw him as someone to whom God had raised up in order to help them restore their nation and help them rebuild their temple and give them permission etc. So back then the anointed Cyrus was someone who was truly anointed by God because the desire and the motivation to rebuild the temple back then was more in alinement with God and so God would bless this by raising up King Cyrus to help them and in this same sense, confirm to them that God was ok with their desire to restore their nation and rebuild their temple but this all  happened before Jesus came along and Daniel in Chapter 9 was kind of shown all of this, Daniel was also confirming to the Jews in his day that God was ok with all of this and He would bless them in helping them to rebuild their walls and their streets and all of this was good in God’s eyes because their intentions were all coming out of a change of heart because their long captivity and therefore punishment was coming to an end and so God was showing them mercy because in this same sense they had repented and were sorry for their sins but Daniel went on to say that the Messiah would be cut off and he prophesied further of a false prince (false Messiah) that would come, this false prince that would come in the future (in our day) WOULD CONFIRM THE COVENANT so when these Rabbis apparently prophecy and discern that the messiah is just around the corner then what they would be talking about is a false messiah that is just around the corner and when they discern that Donald Trump is the new Cyrus then they would have to be talking about a Cyrus that is operating under another anointing. There are two anointing’s in the bible and in this same sense you could say that there are two persons that are anointed, Jesus is “The Anointed One” and therefore He is the True Messiah, Lucifer is also known as the anointed cherub and so people who are anointed either operate under the anointing that comes from Jesus or the anointing that comes from Lucifer also known as Satan. There are many many kings (leaders) who are aware that they are operating under an anointing and a lot of them would acknowledge that this anointing is coming from Lucifer himself, they also acknowledge that they have his authority and authorisation to act on his behalf though you’d have to say that there are many more that are unwittingly anointed by Lucifer, these would say that it’s all coming from themselves and so they are useful pawns in the game, blind guides as Jesus calls them!

In all of this, you would surely have to arrive at the conclusion that anyone who blesses and helps Israel these days would not necessarily be blessed by God. The sad fact of the matter is that should Donald Trump align America with Israel in helping them to take further steps towards the confirming of the Covenant in that he might find himself helping them to take further steps to rebuild their temple on the temple mount and then bring Israel back to its apparent former glory then surely you’d have to agree that none of this can be good! And every Christian that feels that he has to bless Israel in all of this is a fool! Only Jesus can cover a multitude of sins but the sad madness these days is that Christians have this paranoid fear of God and what you might even call a superstitious fear of God that if they don’t bless Israel then bad things will happen to them, they think that God will be angry with them if they don’t bless Israel so what happens then if we see that Donald Trump does play into this whole role of being the anointed Cyrus and then we see that they are as a result taking definite steps towards the rebuilding of their temple and welcoming in of their apparent messiah who they believe will confirm all of this in that they believe he is the only one that can confirm the covenant, clearly, this would all be antichrist because the temple would be being built in defiance of Christ! They should be looking to Jesus to confirm the Covenant as they would put it and not any other would-be messiah or any would-be Cyrus!

web-reuters-donald-trump-israel-flagI’m not sure that Donald Trump knows what he is playing with in all of this! This confirming of the Covenant in the Middle East is one of the biggest things that will ever hit this planet next to Jesus Himself! We are talking here of the very arrival of the Antichrist himself whom Daniel prophesied from Gabriel himself who would be the false prince and false messiah who would confirm the Covenant in the last days! The last days we are talking about here are the last seven years of world history before Jesus returns so anyone who takes steps in this direction and blesses anyone else who would take the same steps is an absolute fool! Christians were never ever meant to bless the children of Abraham no matter what, Jesus said that the blessings would only come when people bless His children only in the name of a disciple. Abraham was one of Jesus’ children and he was truly doing God’s Will and therefore Jesus’ Will and so God, in other words, Jesus back then, said, “I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee.” He wasn’t talking about the whole nation of Israel, He was simply talking to Abraham and telling him that He would bless him and bless those that would help him to do God’s Will so the blessing should only come to those who help others to do God’s Will so if anyone in this whole world, no matter what nation they belong to, including Israel, is doing God’s Will through Jesus then we should bless them, we shouldn’t bless people that are not doing God’s Will! This doesn’t necessarily mean that we should curse them if they are not doing God’s Will but we shouldn’t bless them and help them and condone them when they are not doing God’s Will, no matter who they are! So again, we see Israel being made a special case by Christians in that thy feel they have to bless them no matter what they do so when you see the temple being rebuilt and the anointed Cyrus helping in all of this, should this of course happen, then clearly we are not as Christians meant to bless this or bless and help those that do this but instead we are meant to come out against this and to tell people that they are going the wrong way, that they need to enter into the True Covenant and have this confirmed by Jesus Himself by being accepted by Him! We should humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord and He will lift us up, this means giving up on yourself and your own way and going His way, accept Him as your True Messiah and Saviour and NOT fall into the hands of the false messiah and the false covenant which is soon to be confirmed in Israel and in the Middle East there!

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