The 1988 Original Testimony of Ian McCormack’s Near Death Experience


Simple Truth

Few people come over as believable these days but a lot of us really do need to hear from people who are actually telling the truth and in a lot of ways you go by the countenance of the person who is talking to see if “The show of their countenance doth witness against them”(Isaiah 3:9) or not. A lot of us are perhaps fascinated by the idea that what we actually are is a spirit that lives in a body, well here is a man who is saying just that and he says that he is talking from experience. One thing that I found very interesting about his experience is that he was brought into a state of somewhat complete blackness and nothingness, I take this to mean that he was brought into a state of complete and utter and total spiritual death and lifelessness, he was brought into this state when his spirit left his body.

I choose to believe that there are a lot of good honest Christians out there and many of these Christians would in all honesty testify that without Jesus they are absolutely nothing, sad to say many of us have experienced spiritual death in its extreme and it really does give you a feeling of being totally lost in everlasting darkness and with no one and nothing so if you can find some time then perhaps you too will choose to take this seriously, I hope you do and with the New Year coming God willing you will see this as another pointer in your life, all pointing to spiritual life rather than spiritual death. Maybe you have many pointers already that are pointing in that direction, well here’s another to your list – “Days should speak, and a multitude of years should teach wisdom.” Job 37:7


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