Love is…


…believing, trusting, helping, sharing, encouraging, confiding, understanding, caring, feeling, touching, giving, praying. Love is communication. Love is an emotion. Love is passionate, alive, vibrant & warm! Love is something that gets better all the time!

Love is the greatest need of man, so Love is the greatest service to man. Love is spiritual, but it is manifested in the physical. Love is seen as it is put into action. Love is thoughtfulness. Love is always! It knows no hours nor days! Love is always finding a way! Love is giving all. Love is rare – the unselfish kind. Love is priceless. Love is its own reward.

Love is not hurting anybody. Love is choosing to suffer & hurt yourself so that you can help someone else. Love is courage. Love is total sacrifice! Love is never lost. It always has an effect sooner or later. Love is forever.

Love is saying you’re sorry. Love is quick to forgive. Love is humbling. The truly loving are truly humble. Love is the Name of God. Love is the power of God! Love is God! – God is love! God’s ultimate love is…Jesus! (1 John 4:8,9)


Jesus People-17

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