Donald Trump: The Secret Agenda Exposed (R$E)

Simple Truth


Everyone would surely agree that we are living in very interesting times, particularly if you can step out of the whole picture. Stepping out of the whole picture isn’t always easy as you might still have attachments to parts of the whole picture and everyone has to be honest here and admit to themselves and to everybody else that they don’t altogether understand exactly what is going on, we are all in a lot of ways part sighted and so we don’t really understand the overall picture of what is going on in the world today as it’s too complex for us mere mortals. An interesting saying on this would say that your wisdom is no match for the Devil’s subtelty but there’s one thing that a lot of us pick up on and that is that there is a massive paradigm shift going on and that we are living in a time of great change and even in the time of the fulfilment of many prophecies in the Bible, prophecies that would even tell us that there would be many many people who would claim that they understand these prophecies and would claim that they have the correct interpretation of these same prophecies, God willing we will all be wiser after the event but of course being wiser before the event would be of great help to us all.

One interesting prophecy in the book of Revelation talks of a false prophet that is soon to arise, he comes up out of the earth and he talks as a dragon and he has two horns on his head like a lamb so he appears as a lamb but he’s really a wolf in sheep-like clothing; this false prophet coming up out of the earth symbolises that he is a kind of a materialistic and yet religious kind of prophet, he has two horns on his head and these two horns symbolise two of mankind’s greatest religions: one horn symbolises capitalism and the other horn symbolises communism; this false prophet speaks as a dragon and this means he speaks with absolute wisdom that comes from the Devil himself and from his subtlety he speaks with great spiritual power and therefore he is in a sense prophesying in that he is hearing from the Devil himself and speaking his words. This prophet who speaks with the Devil’s words somewhat miraculously and spiritually by the Devil causes capitalism and communism to at last unite and work together as one entity. Most of the world’s religions also have at their base materialism and capitalism and so again, he causes the world’s religions to unite, those religions would include the political religions that are both mammon worshipping religions, so very very interesting times and this false prophet way of talking and thinking is very much going to be the spirit of the age and we will eventually see more and more people tuning in to this spirit of the age – it is as St John said,  “already there are many antichrist’s in the world” but he also said that “Antichrist shall come.” That Antichrist that shall come will be the in place of Christ that shall come!

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