Simple Truth

John Lennon was part of the truth seeking generation back in the sixties and in a lot of ways he was one of the main cornerstones. With a cornerstone of a house you have to get the cornerstone right because the whole house is built from that point onwards and upwards so in a lot of ways John Lennon was close to the truth and close to love. Jesus said “Seek and ye shall find.” This you could say is also a foundational truth, you could say “seek and ye shall find” is one of those eternal and universal truths that we can all tune into, seek and ye shall find in itself says that you haven’t found yet so you are seeking to find. In a lot of ways, the sixties generation was given a major clue as to what, or better said, “Who” we are all looking for and in a lot of ways the sixties generation was in what you might call a game of hide ‘n’ seek and they got a major clue from John Lennon in that he was singing out about love. You could say when you talk about love that he had actually found love and was singing out about the love that he had found, and at the peak of the Beatles’ career they were telling the whole world that all you need is love and that it was easy.

Love is best talked about and sang about in its naked form and there should be no labels attached to love or it ceases to be love, love in one sense was a major clue back then and they were very very close to the truth, John Lennon became the embodiment of this truth in that every truth and even love itself needs to be embodied but there is a “but” here in that Love has its own body and its own personality and though Love should never be labelled and should be free of all labels in that it stands naked, it still has a name which is no way a label and the name of Love is Jesus! Jesus is the very personification of Love Himself and not love itself, Love is God and God is Love, Jesus and God are both One in that they are both Love!

So though they were very very close to the truth back then in the sixties and again just like the game of hide ‘n’ seek, you are warmer warmer warmer, hotter hotter hotter, and finally you are red hot and then you discover that truth and that Love that you are all looking for is Jesus! You dig down to that foundational stone in your search for love and that major corner stone that you need to build from and then you build your whole life on and from that cornerstone but sad to say, for all their searching and seeking back then, many many turned away from Love when they found it (Him). But as Jesus said, “Many are called but few are chosen.” Many people did choose to go with love though and to go with Jesus but sad to say, many more had their hand to the plough as Jesus said but were looking back at the world (pride & materialism) and even other forms of spirituality and ideas and concepts about love and many realised that love cost them everything and valued this everything that they thought they had as being worth more than love. Jesus of course is the priceless pearl that is worth more than everything that you think you have so sad to say, John Lennon and the Beatles didn’t go all the way with Love and they didn’t put the name of “Jesus” on Love but even so they did point a whole generation in the right direction and love and truth was hotly pursued back then but sadly on December 8th 1980, 36 years ago, John Lennon was shot and killed, but still the truth that he offered will always live on in a lot of people’s memories and will always have it’s place in history – All you need is Love! So a very very sad and tragic end to someone who was so near and yet so far as they say so Thank You Jesus for him! And let’s all hope that he embodied Jesus back then and understood love in the literal sense of the word Love, that word and Love being Jesus and that he (John Lennon) died as a true child of God!

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