“Open and Closed Doors”


Simple Truth

From the very moment that you were born you were destined to be with certain people; usually the first people that you were destined to be with would be your parents, these born-not-of-man-but-of-godparents, whether they turn out to be good parents or bad parents will all be part of a special plan for you. The proof of this special plan for you can be found in John 1:13 which says, “Which were born not of blood (race), nor of the will of the flesh (nature), nor of the will of man (planned parenthood), but of God.” So clearly it was God who decided the day of your birth and in a lot of ways you are just like Jesus in that you were made flesh and in the very next verse John 1:14 we read that it says, “And the Word (Jesus) was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace (gifts) and truth.” So just as God had a special plan for Jesus and His life and all of this was predestined to happen, so all of the things and the people that you meet in this world would have been predestined for you also.

There are hundreds of prophecies in the bible that talk of God’s special plan for Jesus and even all the sorts of people that he would meet and influence and even those that would influence Him. Jesus spoke of Himself as being “The Door” and He also spoke in the book of Revelation as being “…he that openeth and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth” (Rev 3:7).  So in a lot of ways, people are like doors; in our lives we will walk in and out of other people’s lives and they you could say will walk in and out of our lives so a person comes along who you are meant to be with and so this would be an open door through which you are predestined to go through in that you were predestined to be with that particular person at that time period in your life and within the circumstances that you were both  meant to be in at that particular time and so we all look back on our lives and we see people and situations that have come and gone and there’s one thing that stands out in all of this, particularly if you choose to be spiritually minded as we all should, and that is that magnetic pull that you felt when you were with that particular person and in that particular situation. This can be true also of persons you were with and in particular situations so it’s good to view all of these people as being open or even close doors.


It can be very encouraging to sometimes stop yourself and look back on your life and again, particularly if you are spiritually minded and you were fully aware of that strong magnetic pull that can only come from God alone in that there was no-doubt in your mind that you were meant to be with that particular person or persons at that particular time period in your life and you might even remember when that feeling went away and sadly for you, it was time to move on so that door or that person or persons in your life would be closed doors but as you look further down that dark corridor then you’ll see that another door opened and that that other door that opened was another persons life who you were meant to walk into and they in this same sense would walk through you, you being that door and in this same sense Jesus would be that door so they became Jesus to you and you became Jesus to them. Jesus said, “…he that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me; and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.” (John 13:20). So isn’t it good to stop and look back at the long pathway of your life and look at all those people who were all like doors through which you walked through and look at how all those doors opened and shut throughout the years and look at how it was all part of God’s plan in that Jesus is “The Door” and all of those people in that same sense were Jesus to you and you to them and how it truly was and is Jesus, “…that openeth and no man shutteth; and shutteth and no  man openeth.” So if any doors are shutting in your life as they no-doubt do or will do, then rest in the sure knowledge of your past experiences with Jesus, “The Door”, knowing that if one door shuts then another door will open!

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2 Responses to “Open and Closed Doors”

  1. anonymous says:

    Very inspiring,what a reminder of looking always on the bright side, Jesus is the one that is in control of our lives,God Bless you!


  2. Thanks for those encouraging words anonymous, we all need encouragement. Thank you and Thank You Jesus!


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