Supernatural Light!


Simple Truth

The word supernatural seems to suggest super nature and in a lot of ways this world did start off with supernatural and super nature. When God first made this world on the first day, what you picture from what you read is that you had a world that was underneath deep deep dark waters and then you read that the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, so now you picture God as some kind of surveyor, He moves around the deep dark waters and He’s aware that deep deep down under those waters there is a world that is waiting to be born, that needs to flourish and grow, and so He sees great potential for that world, massive massive potential, rather than seeing darkness and gloom and deep deep dark waters He sees potential instead. He could have given up at that point and thought to Himself that this is all hopeless, there’s no hope for that world deep down there under the deep, but no, the whole thing in itself was an illustration of a Saviour saving a world and bringing a kind of a birth to that world and so God says to Jesus, because Jesus was there with Him, “Let there be light.”

So quite a picture back then when God first made the world, you now picture a world covered in deep water and in a sense it is in an endless sea of space and in the midst of that space, light is shining on this world and the light that was shining on this world was not physical light, it was supernatural light, spiritual light! So now you have a world that is covered in water and is also covered in beautiful spiritual light, light is shining through the deep dark waters and the world deep down there under those waters, if it had eyes and senses then it can now see and sense that light like a new born baby that wants to be born, it can now see that light and in a sense you could say that it sees hope of a better day. And so what did God call that supernatural light? He called it day and He separated that light from the darkness and so the light here is in that same sense Jesus! Jesus is the first day and interestingly enough, God didn’t create the physical sun that we all know until the forth day so on the first, second, & third day, there was supernatural light, light that came from Jesus and then on the forth day the sun was created and so spiritual day was transferred over to physical day, a kind of physical light from a physical sun but the origins of the word day and what was actually called day was supernatural rather than physical so the first day and days that this world ever knew were supernatural. In a lot of ways this reminds you of the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit because these three are One! And when did the dry land appear from under those waters? It appeared on the third day! So on the third supernatural day, earth was born and was bathed in a beautiful spiritual light and at last things began to grow and flourish, all green grass and trees and plants and flowers started to bloom out under that beautiful supernatural light, beautiful supernatural light that was all coming from the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit!paradise1a

So then God transfers day over to the physical light called the sun, the sun in the same sense is a physical illustration of  the “True Light” which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. He makes the moon also on the forth day to be the lessor light that rules the night and so the moon in this same sense was a kind of a night lamp and gives a kind of a romantic setting to God’s beautiful world and then He makes the stars also to add to this beautiful setting, all created on the forth day! So now it is time for the next day, the fifth day and what a romantic day the fifth day was! God crates all the fish and all the birds and He blesses them and in this same sense He tells them to fall in love with each other and to be fruitful and multiply and to fill the sea and the skies with baby fish and baby birds so now the whole world is ready for man and all the animals and all the beasts of the earth, all created on the sixth day and so the first man that was ever created was called Adam. Adam though at first happy with all of his animal friends and bird friends and fish friends, quickly began to realise that something was missing in His life, He had a deep longing in His heart to find someone that was just like him and so God put him in a supernatural sleep and whilst Adam was supernaturally asleep, God took a rib that was close to his heart and created a woman and when that supernatural sleep was over, Adam woke up and saw the woman that God had created and fell in love with her and she fell in love with him and God blesses them also and tells them to be fruitful and multiply and so humanity was born and here we all are and Jesus is still our day every day!575dc033c9b434b21450a790029c6de0

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