Hold On!


There are some things the Lord just can’t reveal to you in advance because you are not ready for it and you just can’t comprehend it, you just couldn’t cope with it, you just couldn’t understand. He has to break the news to you little by little.

If they only knew, if they could just stand this test. If they only knew what the future holds for them. If they only knew the job they were being considered for. They can’t know because that would ruin the test, it would give them too much hope. They would be willing then to do anything and endure anything if they knew what the reward was going to be, otherwise it wouldn’t be a valid, credible test.

They have to go through these trials and tribulations and testings and breakings and humblings without even knowing what the future holds, not even knowing they’re under consideration for something very much more important than they’ve ever done, without knowing that it’s a step upward, a promotion. This humbling is to see if they can take it, to see how good their loyalty is, how strong they are, how faithful they are, if they will be willing to do anything and just be a general flunkie, whatever the Lord asks them to be, in spite of former glory and glorification.

It’s wonderful, it’s just thrilling to see them pass the test! Jesus loves to watch us make it in spite of all the tests and trials. He loves to watch us win the race, endure the affliction and the battle and fight through and win. They have to struggle through, and then, when they think they’re failing, they find out they have graduated.

They think they have failed but actually they have won. Like in Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If”: If you win or lose, you can treat these two impostors, success and failure the same. That little poem has had a great influence on my life, I have often thought of that when I failed or felt I had failed or wasn’t a success.

You just really pray that the Lord will help them make it, that they will stand the test, so that He can use them for something greater than they’ve ever done before, much more important. It may not seem greater but it has greater potentiality and it has greater responsibility than anything else they have ever done.

But the attitude of the world and a lot of independent Christians is, they want to do it their way. They would rather be out, independent and alone and doing their own thing than working together as a team in some more seemingly humble capacity.

Sometimes they don’t even know what the goal is but if they will stand the test and show that they are willing to give their lives to reach some goal, even though they may not know what the goal is, to the principle and to the Lord and to His work, whatever it may be, not even knowing, they will inherit the crown and receive the reward. All they have to do is obey.

Hold on a little longer! The best is just around the corner, and worth it!

Father David

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