“Cain,Tubal Cain, Mystery Babylon & The Image of the Beast”


Simple Truth

The first city ever built on this earth was built by Cain. Cain was a self-righteous religionist, he was materialistic, highly competitive, he worshipped the works of his own hands and was also a murderer. Cain in a lot of way was laying down the foundation stones of what the book of Revelation calls “…that great city, which reineth over the kings of the earth” (Revelation 17:18). Cain you could say was an elitist and every elitist simply must have a city and so in every nation of the world we have cities and elitists that rule over them. These elitists are in just about every country of the world and therefore they rule all of these cities from their secret societies so if you look at this whole thing about cities in the bible then you quickly begin to realise that all of these great cities in the world constitute ONE GREAT CITY and that great city is the woman which John saw in his vision in the book of Revelation. The woman which he saw was called MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMATION OF THE EARTH.

mystery_babylonIf you were to take every city that man has ever built on the face of this earth and roll them all together in one, then you will have what is called “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATION OF THE EARTH or in other words “…that great city, which reineth over the kings of the earth.” Why does it rein over the kings of the earth? The answer to that is that the kings of the earth that we all see, that is the ones we see through the media, newspapers, T.V etc. are the ones that we are led to believe are the true rulers of this world, they are the overt (visible) leaders of this world and most of them exist on a temporary level in that they are often only in office for one or two terms and then they are usually debunked and they all start to fade in our memories so these temporary leaders are clearly overt and if anyone’s to blame for anything that goes wrong then they are conveniently placed in positions of power to take that blame whereas the real blame lays somewhere else. Think of it this way: covert power can go on forever cities-of-the-worldbecause there is never a challenge to it, it can never be blamed, it cannot be voted out, it cannot be assassinated even because in the public mind it simply doesn’t exist so the general public at large points to their different overt leaders and they blame them for all the ills in the world whereas the real truth is that the kings of the earth (Presidents, Prime ministers etc.) are taking their orders from the elitists of the world. The elitists of the world see all of these cities of the world as being one great city, well at least the nature of their game is to bring us all into one great city but generally speaking we are all already under one great city.

A lot of people point to different cities of the earth or even different religious organisations of this earth and they say that these cities or religious organisations are Mystery, Babylon the Great but the real truth of the whole matter is that every city in the past and up to the present is all Mystery, Babylon the Great. Every great city ever built was all about materialism and the epicentre of every great city has always been materialism, has always been about producing material things that people choose to worship and so in another way we have another picture of what Mystery, Babylon the Great is and what that Great City is that rules over the kings of the earth and also over all of us. If you were to take every idol that has ever been made by the hands of man and you could throw all these together in one, then again, you will have what is called MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT. 7 world empiresShe in this same sense has been on the backs of every great world empire, she was on the back of Egypt, on the back of Assyria, on the back of Babylon, Media Persia, Greece, Rome and on the back of today’s so-called world of democracies, dictatorships, communism and capitalism, you name it, the same great city Mystery, Babylon the Great has been on the back and is on the back of all of these so she exists as we have said, in the past and in the present and she will no-doubt exist in the future, she will be here right up until the day that Jesus returns.

If we go way back again now, back to the days of elitist Cain when he built his first great city which by the way he called Enoch after his own bloodline son, well if you go down four or five generations of Cain’s children then you see that Tubal Cain steps onto the world stage so to speak. In Genesis chapter 4 verse 22 it tells us that Tubal Cain was “…an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron” velazquez-forge-vulcanso here we have a new twist to our story going as far back as the days before the flood even to where you have technology arriving on the scene so they were not necessarily running around like cavemen back then in little mud huts, they were clearly doing things with brass and iron and clearly Tubal Cain was instructing people in how to do this so even back then there was some form of technology, how sophisticated that technology was we don’t really know but clearly they were doing things with brass and iron and as complicated as this must have been, they needed a teacher or as the bible puts it, an instructor. So you get a picture here of a more technical society emerging through Tubal Cain and the children of Cain being the sort of children they were were now taking worshipping the works of their own hands to a higher level and you do wonder if they were now having a more technocratic society then we are all led to believe so technology was very much part of the order to their day back then in some form or other. And if we read further down the page here then we read of Tubal Cain’s own father who appears to be mocking God. Tubal Cain’s father was called Lamech; Lamech was telling his wives of how he had slain a man so murder appears to be still inherent in the children of Cain. You don’t get the impression that Lamech feared God about this but instead he appears to be mocking God who had been merciful to Cain because God had once said to Cain that even though he had committed murder that He would still look out for him so that he wouldn’t get murdered and if anyone were to try to murder Cain or did murder Cain then they would be avenged sevenfold. Lamech appears to be mocking God because he says: “If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold” (Genesis 4:24). So again, you do find yourself wondering just what were they making with all of this brass and this iron seeing as murder was still part of the day back then amongst the ruling elitists. Were they making weapons of war?
american-empireWith all the above in mind, we read in the book of Revelation, talking of Mystery, Babylon the Great that it says: “And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.” So right back from the days of Cain & Abel and Cain and his children’s big cities we read of murder being committed, murder that was committed for the love of things, for the love of money, and for the love of self (self-worship and pride). Just about every murder ever committed since the days of Cain and in every city has been largely committed for the love of money and the love of materialism and the love of self, self-worship and pride so in her (Mystery, Babylon the Great) was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that was slain upon the earth so in the wider picture, all wars have been fought for the love of money, for the love of materialism, and for the love of race and pride etc. and even for the love of self-righteous religion, wars have been fought and prophets and saints have been killed. So in all of this religeon-mamon-worshipyou get a picture emerging of just who and what MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT is. She is a murderer and she is a self-righteous religionist and so every religion that falls under the category of self-righteousness is her religion. She could very well be a so-called Protestant, a so-called Catholic, a so-called Buddhist, a so-called Christian and a so-called Judaic and all the other so-called religionists, she is ALL of these! She drinks of the blood of the saints and mocks God as did Lamach, she thinks nothing will happen to her because she is the biggest and the best and sits as a queen in this and as we all know, lots of these religionists bless children in the name of their governments when they send them off to war so in her is found the blood of the saints and prophets and all that was slain on the earth, all of these wars are fought for some kind of so-called righteousness that they all say they have so you can’t just point your finger at one particular organisation like the Catholic Church as they all do these days but instead it is every self-righteous religionist that is to blame. If money is your god then that’s your religion, if things and materialism is your god then that’s your religion, if power is your god then that’s your religion, if your particular faction of some factionalised religion or politics, be it Communism or Capitalism is your god then that’s your religion so again, throw all these together in one, whether it be in the past or in the present or in the future then you have a picture of what MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT is and when you consider all of these religions and factionalised religions and factionalised political systems etc. then you really do get a picture of what kind of a strange head case of a person Mystery Babylon is and why Mystery Babylon is called “MYSTERY, BABEL-ON” – Babel means confusion and she sure is the most confused person you could ever wish to meet and you do meet her every day when you switch on your T.V because through the T.V and the media, or in other words, her sorceries, we are all deceived by her, she concocts up all these advertisements and spells and propaganda mixtures over people and so people get drunk on all of this and so she takes them all to bed with her and so the world lives and dies for her as they love her so much and this again has been going on for centuries now, ever since the days of Cain.

And here we all are in this modern day and age surrounded by confusion as MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT is in full sway over all the peoples of the earth and we sure are becoming more and more confused every day so what would be the solution to all of this confusion? The world will turn to a more modern day Tubal Cain type figure (false prophet) in that they will be persuaded by a more modern day technocrat who will cause the people on the earth to create what is called the ‘Image of the Beast.” This modern day kind of instructor of every artificer in brass and iron will persuade the people of the earth to create what is called the “Image of the Beast” – “…saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast…And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” (Revelation 13:14,15). The beast here you could say is the ultimate Cain and Antichrist. Cain was against Christ and was therefore antichrist, the beast here in Revelation will be like Cain multiplied but he instead will actually be the Antichrist. The people on the earth will be led into making an image of the Antichrist and they will worship this image because it is also the works of their own hands and this is what will reign in the last days, the works of man’s own Tubal Cain like hands, this made in the image of the ultimate Cain, The Antichrist!

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