Cain and the Elitist Mentality!


Simple Truth

When things are going wrong in life people often find themselves going back or doing their best to go back to the very beginning of just when things started to go wrong and that’s why the story of Adam & Eve and mankind starting with just two people is so extremely important because we have the beginning of mankind right there in the book of Genesis and through that small beginning we can all pinpoint as to where things started to go wrong. They of course started out right as we all know but then things went sadly wrong and here we all are with all of these complicated problems that we all face these days. Most people of course know that Adam & Eve ate the forbidden fruit and this brought sin into the world, not only did it bring sin into the world but sad to say it brought sin into human nature, everything about Adam & Eve was once natural and good but then they ate the forbidden fruit and somehow or other the nature of man changed from then onwards and mankind now has a very big problem with his sinful nature.

Cain & Abel were the first two children that Adam & Eve had and what you gather from the story is that they were both somewhat aware of their sinful nature and they were also somehow or other aware that it was hard for them to get the better of their sinful nature and so somehow or other they knew, no-doubt God had told them, that they needed a saviour to save them from themselves and so they would sacrifice a lamb and this to them would symbolise that Jesus would one day come and die for the sins of mankind and so bring us all back to God so you could say that they believed in a promise that a saviour would come who they could take into their hearts and by in this same sense taking Jesus into their hearts they could be spiritually stronger than they were, in their own spirits and in their own selves and in their own flesh they didn’t have the strength to resist evil and so they needed Jesus in their hearts, at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and so sacrificethrough Jesus they could resist the devil and all of his temptations. Well, Adam & Eve & Abel were ok with all of this but Cain appears to have a big big problem, he’s not ok with sacrificing a lamb and looking to Jesus for a sense of goodness, he thought he could be good without Jesus, he even fooled himself that he was being somewhat godly without Jesus, the person he was close to was not God but he was close to himself, he felt he knew better than God and so he worked really hard with his own hands and tried to show God how good he really was that somehow or other he was even better than Abel. It appears that what he was actually doing was trying to get God to form an alliance with him, an alliance where he in this same sense would be better than God because if God went along with his goodness then God would be bowing down to his goodness and forming an alliance on that basis, this alliance would also have Abel down as a kind of a third rate citizen so you could say in this same sense that what Cain was actually doing was trying to bring God into some kind of class system, a kind of a first, second, and third rate citizen kind of alliance. Cain was no-doubt very competitive and therefore he was worshipping the works of his own hands.

God you could say looked down at these two children and saw that Abel was getting it right, Abel knew that he couldn’t resist evil without Jesus, he couldn’t beat the devil without Jesus and so he needed Jesus so badly in his life and so he wholeheartedly looked to Jesus for his salvation and his spiritual needs and to overcome the lusts of his own flesh, he no-doubt knew what sin was all about and how powerful it’s vice-like grip is and envy-strifeso he knew he couldn’t fight it in his own strength so God was pleased with Abel, he had no-doubt grown in understanding, he also knew that there was only one way to God and that is through Jesus but Cain it appears thought there was some other way, that he could be good and righteous without God and through the works of his own hands so Cain was worshipping the works of his own hands and therefore his own righteousness and God tells him that He is not pleased with all of this, that what Cain was proposing was not good. He was not better than his own brother, his nature was just as sinful and his righteousness was not better than God’s righteousness therefore Cain’s righteousness was not better than Jesus and so Cain’s countenance it says fell and he also became wroth and then we read that Cain appears to have talked with his brother, maybe he was trying to get Abel to bow down to all of this and to see it his way, maybe he was hoping that Abel would form some kind of an alliance with him, Cain of course would be number one in this alliance and Abel would have to follow Cain’s good example and not God’s or in other words he wouldn’t look to Jesus anymore but instead he would look to Cain and Cain in this same sense would become the saviour of Abel.

The picture you get is that Abel was having none of this, he was sticking with Jesus and the sacrificial lamb, he knew his own arm was weak, his flesh was weak, his spirit was weak, and even his mind and his own intelligence and his putting two and two together was all weak and that without Jesus he would in no way be able to resist evil and then we read that it came to pass, no-doubt time had gone by and the argument went on and on and Cain knew that he couldn’t win any other way other than his own way and so he slew, or in other words he murdered his own brother because he wouldn’t bow down to him willingly,kain-a-abel-xl he would now have to bow down to him unwillingly and so Cain wins in the end, by hook or crook he gets what he wants and if hook or crook doesn’t work then he resorts to murder then you read that Cain is driven out from the face of God, so from now onward God’s face would be hid from Cain, God could no-doubt see that Cain wasn’t going to change so what is the first thing that Cain the elitist does? He builds a city and he names the city Enoch after his first son and no-doubt they ruled over that city as a kind of an elite with an elitist mentality and what does your average elitist want to do these days? They too want to built cain-builds-a-citya city, a new kind of a city (society) and therefore a new kind of World Order and in the same sense as Cain did, they want to rule over it and have us all in subjection to them and what happens if we don’t come into subjection to them as good citizens? Then they as good Cain’s will bring us into subjection some other way and the bottom line in that some other way will be murder and so you could say that this argument between Cain & Able is still going on to this very day, the Children of Cain you could say are sill in the world and the spiritual children of Abel are in this same sense still in the world. Only Jesus can ever save us, our own arm will always fail us but the arm of Jesus will always save us – underneath every Christian is the everlasting arms! Underneath the arm of every elitist is the arm of Cain and therefore the arm of the flesh and the arm of murder!Jesus People-17




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