Donald Trump’s Spiritual Side Influenced by a 33° Freemason

Know that no candidate can stop the path we are headed. Sad that freemasons are literally sewn into the fabric of all world leaders and businessmen.

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9 Responses to Donald Trump’s Spiritual Side Influenced by a 33° Freemason

  1. Thank God that true men of God came to Trump this year and led him to real faith of Christ Jesus and it was reported he was born again. All sin and fall short of the glory until they are born again of the Spirit of God; I was also transformed from darkness (thank God!) and only the true Light of God can transfer us from the dominion of darkness into the kingdom of the beloved Son. thank God! We break the chains and deception of freemasonry with the blood of the Lamb, the word of his testimony and the Name above every name of Christ Jesus!
    God bless you!


  2. This being so then let’s hope that he has truly found Jesus and goes with Jesus all the way. If there is anything that we all need these days then that is a leader that goes all the way with Jesus so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out on November 8th, until then all we can do is pray that God has His hand on whoever gets into the White House, there is no power but of God and sometimes God sets up over nations the basest of men but there have been a few good kings in the past. Stay strong in Jesus and pray without ceasing!


  3. I hope so! Father let it be so! I so agree with you, “Stay strong in Jesus and pray without ceasing!” amen!

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  4. Thanks for sharing. You guys should check out Sorcha Faal’s post on this issue. According to Faal and her civilian intelligence groups, Trump is attempting a takeover of the United States with a splinter Masonic faction aligned with the Mafia. I don’t know if Sorcha Faal’s report is for real, but its definitely interesting to say the least.. you can check it out here:


  5. In the world of politics it appears that you can’t not be a Freemason. In a lot of ways, whether you are one or not doesn’t matter because the fact of the matter remains that if you get that high up in politics then you have to form alliances up there and therefore you have to align yourself with people that are no-doubt Freemasons so directly or indirectly you’d have to say that anyone that gets to the top of the political mountain can only survive up there if they form some kind of alliance with Satan himself which at the end of the day is what it’s really all about.


  6. As an afterthought, see what you think of this:


  7. Thanks for sharing the video. I will check it out.


  8. One thing about the video you recommended, it names the Jesuits as being leaders of the New World Order. I completely agree. In the video they even outline how Adam Weishaupt (Jesuit) created the Illuminati. The Jesuits also wrote the high level Masonic degrees (scottish rite) at the Jesuit college of clermont in france. Low level Freemasonry (York Rite) was originally a benevolent men’s group made up of predominantly protestant christians, however the Jesuits took it over with their Scottish Rite degrees (these degrees involve occult rituals and black magic).


  9. It certainly can’t be disputed that the Jesuits are a major arm in the Illuminati but it was also interesting that the video brought out the fact that they were founded in Spain by what various reports call Crypto Jews ie. those that are Jewish but are pretending to be Catholic although there are many of course that would dispute that fact. The interesting thing about Satan himself or better said, the not so interesting thing, is that he is the worse two-faced person you could ever wish to meet and better said again, he is not only two-faced but he is multi-faced, he has a face for everybody and he double crosses everybody. Just about every religious organisation is told via Satan that they are going to rise to the top and every race and every form of politics, he tells them ALL the same story and as Jesus said, he is the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing. On top of all of this and on a humorous note, he owns the biggest fish farm in the universe and what kind of fish does he breed? Red herrings! If anyone knows about red herrings then he does so all being said, who’s to blame? EVERYONE who listens to his porkies!


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