The Great Counterfeit Revival – Satan’s Trojan Horse

An allegory of the great apostasy evidenced in the Church today!

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4 Responses to The Great Counterfeit Revival – Satan’s Trojan Horse

  1. There’s definitely a lot of deception out there today. No doubt.


  2. Yes indeed, it’s having the ability to spot it though isn’t it, a lot of which doesn’t even take God given discernment but just plain common sense. If Christians can’t spot the obvious deceptions now though then they will be taken in hook line and sinker when the Antichrist comes! I sometimes think that Christians are some of the most gulible and dumb people that you can ever meet – God Help Us ALL!


  3. One Christian told me a while back, “when you believe you cannot be deceived, your already deceived.” The deceptions out there are extremely elaborate and sophisticated. I admit I have been deceived on a number of occasions. The Bible even says that the deceptions of the end time will be so convincing that if it were possible, it would deceive even the very elect.


  4. Yes, I agree which is why I capitalized ALL because all of us if we are honest have been taken in by things or people at some point, very often due to our initial enthusiasm which can temporarily blind us so I do not make my remarks with a critical spirit but more out of frustration that you try your best to point things out to people that are so obvious to you and yet they either cannot see or simply do not want to see because these things are often life changing things which mean admitting that we have been wrong for one thing which can be very humbling and then drastically changing the course that we have been on and losing friends even, after all, people want to be part of a group but if being part of that group means compromising to the point of overlooking obvious misinterpretations to the meaning of bible verses in order to suit our own or someone else’s paradigm then that’s when I have to part company I’m afraid, the path to truth is a lonely one and that’s what people fear the most! The bible really is a radical Truth and to truly follow it then you have to be willing to be a radical non-compromiser and I think we all fall short there in one area of our lives or another!


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