Spirit and Body equals Soul!


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We always like the story of Adam & Eve because we choose to believe that it was a real story, it all had to start somewhere so why not start mankind with two people? That makes every sense! So the picture you get was that God made Adam and later God made Eve, these two people were kind of representatives of what mankind was meant to be from the very beginning and in a lot of ways what they did or didn’t do from the very beginning was the same as you and I would have done if we were them. So what did it mean to be a human being and what did it mean to be a living soul? On the one hand we are told that God created man in His Own Image and called him Adam and then on the other hand we are told that Adam became a living soul – so Adam and Eve were both living souls! So then you might ask: What does it mean to be a living soul?

the-breath-of-lifeWe read that God breathed into Adam’s nostrils after he was created out of the dust and Adam became a “living soul.” Personally, I’ve always taken it to mean when God breathed into Adam’s nostrils that He was breathing both spiritual and physical air into Adam and it’s also interesting that it says that God breathed into his nostrils, this kind of suggests that there was something of an awakening going on here because the nostrils in the same sense lead to the mind and the brain, everybody knows these days that if the mind doesn’t get air that it quickly dies, this is why resuscitation is so important when a person’s heart stops because the brain cells of the mind quickly die if a person doesn’t get air so in this same sense God was breathing into Adam’s nostrils both physical and spiritual air and so Adam was made alive both physically and spiritually by God breathing into his nostrils. Adam in this same sense was breathing both physical air to keep his body and mind alive and spiritually he was breathing in God to keep his spirit alive so Adam being made in the image of God was first and foremost a spirit because man was created in the image of God and it has to be understood that “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in truth” (John 4:24) so first and foremost we are spirits created in the image of a spiritual God and we were from the beginning meant to be spiritual more than physical.

You could say that the spirit and the body were in complete harmony with each other back then in the days of Adam & Eve and the body like the spirit was meant to live forever and so what it means to be a “living soul” is that we are both spirit and body and so these two working harmoniously together as one means that we are a living soul so when the bible says that Adam became a living soul it simply means that he is both spirit and body harmoniously working together as one and man becoming a living soul means that he was truly alive in that he was “alive spiritually,” there was absolutely no corruption in Adam & eve-in-the-garden-of-eden-006Eve from the beginning and they were both meant to live forever and so God warned them to keep away from the Serpent just like your own father on earth might warn you to watch out for serpents because if a serpent bites you then you would surely die so this was a very very sobering commandment that God had given Adam & Eve to avoid the Serpent because having anything to do with him or his fruits would lead to spiritual and eventually physical death.

Jesus in the New Testament said that the Devil was a murderer from the beginning. Now you can look at this statement that Jesus made two ways, you could say that the Devil was a murderer from the beginning in that it was he that brought death to mankind, so when he was offering Adam & Eve the forbidden fruit then what he was actually doing in reality was seeking to murder both Adam & Eve in that his prime objective here was to defy God and to bring death and murder to mankind so the Devil was a murder from the beginning, clearly he was because Adam & Eve after eating the forbidden fruit were surely now going to die as God had said. Others interpret this to mean that it was when Cain killed Abel, so in other words it was the Devil in Cain that was the first murder but actually you could call it the first murder that the Devil in mankind had committed, so sin had seriously brought death into the world both on a spiritual and on a physical level so sin was a very very serious thing and it must be understood just how serious the sin was that Adam & Eve had committed because they had brought murder into the world and it has to be fully understood that the Devil’s sole objective with mankind has always been murder! He wishes to bring us into both spiritual and physical death and so he goes about his business to destroy mankind both spiritually and physically, he understands that we are both spirit and body and in that same sense we are living souls. do_you_know_him_header11To die spiritually means that we have become separated from God via our sins, God you could say is Pure Love and Pure Love can have nothing whatsoever to do with destructive sins, sin clearly brings mankind into spiritual death, destruction, and murder, so God will have absolutely nothing to do with sin as sin separates us from God and it also in this same sense has a kind of separation in us in that we cease to operate harmoniously. The spirit and the body were meant to operate harmoniously and we were meant to operate on a spiritual level and not on a physical level so what we have now is a world where everything is back to front, man operates impurely on a physical level and has nothing to do with the spiritual at all so in this same sense you could say that he is no longer a living soul because the spirit is now subject to the body, the spirit, the real you, is imprisoned by the body and in most people’s minds the fact that they have a spirit or that there is a spiritual God does not exist, in this same sense it’s as if this modern day generation has been spiritually castrated from birth and so they will always feel that there is something missing in their lives but they won’t understand what it is; this has been the Devil’s game all along, to separate man from the spiritual and to tell mankind to live for mankind and to become utterly selfish; his prime objective here is again murder in that he wishes for mankind to destroy himself so he turns mankind against mankind and brings in enmity between God and man, between the spiritual and the physical.

spiritually-aliveWhat we as mankind seriously need to do is to realise just who we are and what we are: we are living souls, we are spirit and body equals soul, we need to bring ourselves back into the spiritual! Jesus came here to earth as a man, He threw off everything that He was and truly is and chose to operate here as one of us, He was the Word (Spirit) made flesh and in this same sense He was a living soul, both spirit and body. Everything about Jesus was spiritual and He operated as we should operate in that He looked to His Father, He looked to God spiritually and harmoniously in that His body was subject to His spirit, He then chose to die on a cross as a man would die; we all know that Jesus walked on water so clearly He could have walked away from all of this by simply walking on air but, no, He chose to let the Devil try to murder Him; the Devil didn’t really get to murder Jesus because we read that it was Jesus that gave His Own life for us, He chose to die and in this same sense to be kind of murdered and then He came back to life three days later and so He offers mankind a second chance in that if we receive what He has done for us in dying on our behalf then we can be fully restored to everything that we were meant to be in the very beginning. We were meant to be first and foremost spirit and body and these two were 6meant to operate harmoniously as one, both breathing God’s physical and natural air and in this same sense breathing God’s spiritual air in true unity with Him. By choosing to, from our hearts, accept and believe in what Jesus has done for us and going along with this then we are actually choosing to believe that one day “…this corruptible (body) must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality” (1 Corinthians 15:53). Jesus came back to life three days after His death, He showed His body to His disciples and in this same sense, what He was actually saying was that this is something that you can have too, He said, “…because I live, ye shall live also” (John 14:19) so simply believe in Jesus and look forward to His second coming, it is at His second coming that we shall all be changed in a moment and in a twinkling of an eye, the dead in Christ shall rise first then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them and shall meet the Lord in the air – restored at last to your true self and how you we were always meant to be from the very beginning, incorruptible and without sin!

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6 Responses to Spirit and Body equals Soul!

  1. Thanks. For some reason I never get tired of reading about the beginning of Genesis. It is an amazing account and I always learn something new from it. How I wish I lived in the garden of Eden now, life would have been so much easier and fun. Too bad our ancestors lost that place for us through sin. I guess nobodies perfect!


  2. As Kent Hovind often says, “where would we be without women? Answer: Back in the Garden of Eden that’s where!” My response to that would be that it wouldn’t be half as much fun for man without women though ha! And yes I agree, none of us are perfect and that’s why we are here, to make mistakes and to learn from them and so we do hopefully – GBY!


  3. As the old saying goes… “women.. can’t live with them.. can’t live without them”


  4. Unless they are a feminist and then you might Haha!

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