Nation Shall Rise Against Nation (Ethnic Group against Ethnic Group)!


Simple Truth

It is interesting when you look at some of these old films like “Things to Come” which is based on the book by H.G. Wells called “The Shape of Things to Come.” That film was made in 1936 and is a black & white film so most people these days would rather discard it than take the trouble to wade through it to see what it was all about. There are of course all kinds of conspiracy theories surrounding the film and people do say that there is a form of predictive programming going on in the film and that it symbolised the NWOs plans for the world; whether or not you choose to uphold that view maybe shouldn’t matter as the fact still remains that the film does offer some kind of a vision of the future as visualised thingstocome_longlivethechiefby H. G. Wells as far back as 1933 when the book was first published. H.G. Wells visualised the future of the world as being in a state of perpetual war and then the final inevitable breakdown of society as we all know it, he visualised that things would become pretty tribal and rather than being led by more sophisticated leaders it would find itself led by the more tribal and so he symbolised this in his film by having a leader dressed in animal furs rather than the usual suit and tie.

No doubt we have all heard of the upcoming elections in America and maybe many people have watched the presidential debate and you can’t help but reach the conclusion that things are getting pretty savage out there in the American elections and the world at large is becoming more and more tribal and people are not as self-contained as they used to be and you do find yourself wondering if you are living in some kind of a world that has all been scripted and this is exactly what the “Powers That Be” want, they want us to descend into chaos and disorder and for us all to find ourselves factionalised under different tribal leaders, maybe they are figuring that they need to bump all our heads together and wake us all up to where all of this rivalry is taking us and so they are helping us all along on our merry road to hell so to speak.things-to-come-blu-ray-movie-title

The understanding you get about the New World Order is that they are against any form of sovereignty other than their own; Jesus did say that nation would one day rise against nation; a lot of people take this to mean that ethnic group would rise against ethnic group so that is pretty much what we are getting these days, some form of tribalism breaking out where we all go back to the jungle and savagery under different tribal leaders. You’ve only got to look at all the different forms of leadership that are out there and the word “Savagery” quickly comes to mind, whether it’s in the economic world, the political world, or even in the religious world, it’s all become factionalised and it’s all turning pretty savage and nobody really knows quite who to look to for true guidance and true security and true stability anymore. Also, you have what is called the mainstream news and the alternative news and more and more nobody knows just who to listen to in either side, then we have the established mainstream religions and the non mainstream religions and both are also becoming tribal in that they have more in common with some kind of superstitious god rather than the reality of the One True God, so again, this reminds you of the jungle and savagery and rivalry due to superstitious belief systems so quite a dismal picture these days with nobody to look to other than some kind of tribal leader of some kind of factionalised tribe. Well, sad to say, this is what the NWO wants and everyone appears to be playing into their hands, they want us to descend into chaos and to arrive at the conclusion that our leaders cannot be trusted and then you see in the film that these alleged saviours of the world arrive on the scene with their high tech toys and with what they clearly called in the film “The freemasonry of science” and so mankind starts to built some kind of brave new world under their more than sophisticated technocratic leadership. You also find yourself arriving at the conclusion that there really is no other way other than their way, that all we are as mankind is nothing more than little animals and little creatures and that somehow or other we should step out of all of this and become  as gods with the whole universe at our fingertips.


Jesus said, “But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by.” (Luke 21:9)

 Pretty soon now this world is going to descend into chaos, it will seem like there is nothing but wars and commotions, it might even seem like it is the end of the world but Jesus said that we should not be terrified for these things must first come to pass, He also as we just read in the above verse said, “…but the end is not by and by.” The strange irony to life is sometimes that we need some form of leadership rather than no leadership at all; God would allow the NWO to come in to restore some kind of order to all of the chaos and to bring in some form of leadership; this will give us all some kind of breathing space before things get worse further into the future so it really is best to put your trust in Jesus and trust that all things are going according to His plans and that nothing will happen in this world unless He plans it or allows it to happen, either way, it’s all for our good and we should trust in Him and as He says, “be not terrified!”




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2 Responses to Nation Shall Rise Against Nation (Ethnic Group against Ethnic Group)!

  1. Some good points in the article and I agree that we are already at the point of a racial war. People are now assembling into factions to fight other groups, you already see this on a smaller scale with street gangs. Street gangs usually involve an ethnic connection and if your asian you have to join an asian gang, arabs join arab gangs and the whites usually join the nazi gangs. If you go to certain nightclubs in my country and if your a white person and go and speak to an asian group at a bar you can potentially be shot or stabbed; as they might think your a rival gang member. Some of these gangs have more wealth than some small nations as seen on a recent documentary report. If the government crumbles you will probably see these gangs start governing towns as they already govern segments of cities. I can definitely see things happening as the HG Wells movie describes. If you watch a documentary called ‘the heart broken in half’ on youtube by professor dwight who studies these gangs; they pretty much operate like tribes. And in order to join certain gangs you need to meet certain ethnic guidelines in most cases. If your a black person and want to join a latino or white gang; chances are you won’t be accepted.


  2. St James summed up the world situation that we have today when he said, “where envy and strife (competition) is there is confusion and every evil work.” You are right about all the different gangs and it’s best as Solomon said to avoid the devoid of understanding but we must always remember that there are still some people out there that we can trust and look to, we all tend to make sweeping statements but in the main things have gotten pretty bad haven’t they, we’ve still got Jesus though! Thanks for the tip about the documentary btw, I haven’t heard of that before but it sounds interesting and I’ll definitely look into that one. GBY!


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