Guardian Angels!


Simple Truth

In life from the word go we are all appointed to meet certain people and a lot of us, whether we realise it or not, are anointed by God when we are with these certain people. A lot of people these days put this anointing and appointing down to some kind of chemistry between people, for some reason or other they feel that when they are with certain people then everything flows and comes together but then they find that when they are with other people that nothing flows and nothing comes together and they even clash. The best thing that anyone can ever do is to consider themselves as being on a path and along that path you are meant to meet certain people and in a way you could say that with some of these people you in that same sense become their guardian angel (or visa versa), it’s like you are appointed to be with that person and to have a strong influence upon them and you cannot do else.

If you have been a person who has found that this has happened to you then you might also have found that you connected to a strong anointing when you were with these certain people whom you were meant to be with and are meant to influence and in that same sense you are meant to lead, guide, advise, help, comfort, strengthen, encourage, or simply to be there for them, and so the positive influence list goes on and sometimes this being appointed to be with these certain people might continue for a considerable amount of time. It can be as short as a five-minute encounter or it can be for days, weeks, months, or it could even be for years or even a lifetime, but the fact of the matter is that you might know full well that you are anointed or have been anointed and appointed to be with that certain person or persons and in a lot of ways you cannot do else. You might at times strayra4-3644 away from your anointed and appointed position but then you might find that horrible repelling feeling when you are with other people that you are not meant to be with, you might feel like a magnet that has been turned around and instead of clicking together as magnets usually do, you find that horrible repelling feeling. You might try really really hard to get it together with these other people but all along you are aware of that repelling feeling and you are more and more aware of the fact that you are being false, that you are acting it and faking it until the point where it becomes unbearable and so you go back to the person or people that you are anointed and appointed to be with.

angelBeing anointed and appointed to be with certain people isn’t always an easy road as they might not accept your good advise, they might fight it with all their might at times though deep down you know that they know that all of this is coming from another source and you are merely the embodiment of this source and you do find yourself thinking at this stage that yes, you hear people talk of guardian angels and even people that live and dwell in the spiritual dimension and you hear that some of these departed saints even, or angels, whoever they are, are also anointed and appointed to be with people and for certain lengths of time so all of this anointing and appointing becomes extremely real to you and you see how it was for people like Moses in the Old Testament. Moses first ran into his angel believe it or not when he encountered his angel or first met his angel through what is called the burning bush. We read of God calling Moses out of this burning bush; what was happening was that there was an angel sent to Moses to speak on God’s behalf (Acts 7:30) and so the angel said to Moses on behalf of God, or in other words, Jesus, “…I AM THAT I AM (Jesus)” (Exodus 3:14) and he also said, “…I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God is Isaac, and the God of Jacob” (Exodus 3:6) and so the picture that you get here is that this same angel was no-doubt quite a highly anointed angel who was speaking on God’s behalf and God in that same sense was speaking through this angel who was sent to lead Moses and the children of Israel out of Egypt and through the wilderness and we read of this same angel who appeared in a pillar of cloud by day and in a pillar of fire by night.

pillarleadingSo when you yourself are some kind of a guardian angel then you are appointed to speak on God’s behalf and so it is extremely important to choose your words well so as to be a good example of God’s presence in this situation and not to be an example of your own presence in a situation which is all too human. So in all of this, there is one sure way we can all find the will of God and that is to go with the presence of God as Moses did. Moses followed the presence of God, he would see this cloud by day (angel) and pillar of fire by night (angel) start moving forward and so Moses would always follow and in this same sense he would always go with the presence of God and stay in the presence of God because he always followed this angel’s example and advise. There is one sure way also of knowing if you are in the Spirit and anointing of God and that is when you feel the presence of God by drawing nigh to God. You draw nigh to God and He draws nigh to you! Jesus also said that His words are Spirit and are Life and it is the Spirit that quickeneth – quickeneth means: “to make alive!” You find that you are more alive when you are in the presence of God and in the presence of Jesus and even in the presence of people who you are meant to be with. Jesus said, “He that receiveth you recieveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.” (Matthew 10:40)

Romantic Couple at Sunset

The person who you are appointed to be with might not even know where all of these feelings are coming from, they might not know that they are appointed to be with you and that you are finding Jesus through each other, they might be unwittingly embodying the presence of God themselves even and they will often find themselves thinking that all of this attraction and the words they find themselves thinking and saying are all coming from them, they might not even be aware that it was both their angel and your angel that set this whole thing up, that arranged a way for you to both meet or run into each other and for you both to find yourselves on the same path but there is one sure thing going on and that is that where two or three are gathered together in Jesus’ name, there is He in the midst of them!

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