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Simple Truth

In a lot of ways, you do find yourself wondering if the church (Christians) would be better off under Moses these days. That might sound like a kind of reversal of situations in that the Law was given by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ so why would we need Moses and the laws all over again seeing as we now have Jesus and the New Testament? Jesus by His example in the New Testament frequently exposed the law and those who upheld it as being too narrow-minded and what Jesus was trying to do was set people free from the narrow-minded point of view that the law upholders had found themselves entrenched in. A famous example of grace verses law was when Jesus would heal on the Sabbath day and the other great example that Jesus gave was the example of Himself – love – love would sometimes be imprisoned by the law or in other words, the law would stand in the way of quantum-pendulum-ions-swing-lglove! You could say that with the old Testament believers, the pendulum had swung too far towards and into the letter of the law and in the New Testament the pendulum swung the other way in setting us free from the law but the problem we have now is that the pendulum has swung too far into so-called freedom rather than the actual freedom that Jesus was talking about and the era of grace that we are all now under has turned into an the era of excuses and is the very opposite of the letter of the law and will tell people to “do what thou wilt” ( which is the whole law of witchcraft) instead of doing what Jesus wilt, if that’s the right way to put it!

In the Old Testament under Moses, what people had was a man who actually did see visions, who did hear from God, who did in a lot of ways see God in that he saw Jesus as it’s always been Jesus. In the Old Testament when you read of it saying “Lord” then you know it’s talking about Jesus. So Moses again, was a man who actually talked to the Lord, or in other words, Jesus, mouth to mouth, and through these conversations with Jesus he would get definite commandments, definite guidance, definite answers to prayer, definite miracles. On one occasion Moses lifted up his rod above his head in order to defeat an army that was attacking, as long as Moses kept the rod up over his head then he would have God’s protection and his army would be winning and not losing, if he lowered the rod and his arms weakened then he would lose God’s protection and so he needed his arms to be held up by others so that the rod, or in other words, the standard or the yardstick if you like, would be kept high so it was all down to Moses’ strong connection with Jesus and Moses talking to Jesus mouth to mouth and getting definite answers and definite miracles. moses-in-the-cleft-of-the-rockMoses once asked Jesus if he could see Him, Jesus said that He would pass before him but he was not allowed to see His face, only the back of Him. If he saw His face, then he would surely die. So under Moses, the children of Israel had a man who was in a real real spiritual sense seeing Jesus and performing miracles through Jesus, you had a most sound-minded man who set clear boundaries, high standards and definite goals. The problem we have these days is that of the countless people that are saying that they have seen Jesus, that they are hearing from Jesus, that they are in the same sense as Moses talking to Jesus mouth to mouth or at least that is the impression they are giving and some of these conversations that people claim to have with Jesus are long conversations and not short.

lampstand-pictureIn the book of Revelation, we read of St John who you could say was the same as Moses in a very very spiritual sense, he saw Jesus in a vision standing in the midst of seven golden candlesticks. John reads as very very believable because he fell at Jesus’ feet as dead. He finally looked up at Jesus’ instruction and saw through this vision that Jesus’ face shone as the sun in his strength (midday sun) and there was a sword coming out of Jesus’ mouth so just like Moses, St John saw Jesus in a largely fearful setting in that he found himself fearing God, fearing Jesus. Moses also feared God when he saw Him in the burning bush and hid his face, the disciples also saw Jesus in the New Testament talking to Moses of the Old Testament, they were talking about Jesus’ crucifixion, the disciples were also frightened by this vision because they saw Jesus as being whiter than white. When Jesus left this earth at the mount of olives his disciples saw Him go into the clouds, two angels appeared to them and told them that Jesus would eventually return to this earth as He went and we further read in the New Testament that every eye shall see him when He returns. I’m assuming by reading this that the last time Jesus was ever seen in actual person was when He left this earth in the clouds on that very day two thousand or so years ago and that nobody has actually seen Him since, although it’s possible that they might see Him in a vision, in a spiritual sense like John did but not necessarily in a literal sense as a lot of people give a strong impression of that these days.What we actually have these days is that a lot of people are abusing this period of grace that Jesus has given us. The period of grace that Jesus has given us works like this: We now have the spiritual presence of Jesus in our lives, assuming of course that we have taken Him into our lives, this being so because we found in ourselves that we are extremely lacking in that we have no real love for others, we have no real love for God. Jesus of course proved His great love for God and others by living out the law of love to the full, the law of love, Jesus Himself, would love God and others although the Ten Commandments and trying to keep them would not be possible for mankind because he does not have the love that is needed to keep these commandments, only a sense of duty. transfiguration-3So we take Jesus into our lives and we look to Him for both guidance and love and in this same sense we hear from Him although very very few would be able to say that they talk with Jesus as Moses did, mouth to mouth, that they get completely clear answers from Jesus as Moses did. Most of us as St Paul said, see Jesus through a glass darkly, when Jesus returns we will see Him face to face when He comes back in the clouds as the two angels have said. Nowadays, all a so-called man of God has to do is make the whole thing up, he pretends that he has met Jesus, he pretends that he gets messages from Jesus, he pretends that he gets visions from Jesus, he or she might pretend that they have seen God, they would pretend that they have seen angels, they would pretend that they have talked with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Enoch, Elijah, you name it, they’ve seen them all and they also have long conversations with them, they have countless trips to God’s throne, they’ve walked on the sea of glass there as John did in the book of Revelation, they’ve also seen coffins being carried across the sea of glass, they hunt down devil’s in spaceships, they have spiritual nets to catch them with, they’ve seen Superman giving flying lessons to newcomers to the spirit world, they’ve ran all round their house trying to escape fiery gates and eventually given in to these fiery gates and gone through them and they physically trans-relocate to other locations all around the world and then they land back down in their beds with a bump and wake their wives up, much to the wife’s surprise who finds out that her husband has just come back from being trans-relocated someplace around the world. Another person makes claims that she’s visited the very throne of God and has seen God with a nicely trimmed beard and either side of the throne He has sweets, others make claims of healing the multitudes in their churches, others babble in tongues or fall down as being slain in the so-called Spirit, they see glory clouds, or they prophecy that Trump is going to win the elections – the list is endless and the claims grow more and more staggering and the justification for all of this is that we are all under grace now, we are all under Jesus and whatever He says goes now and so what do these people do? They make it all up as they go along! They dream up their own version of Jesus and they dream up their own version of what miracles and visions that He is doing through them or showing them or who He is sending them in that they have met all these giant angels or prophets and saints and the maddest thing about all of this is that people actually believe them and their followers appear to be growing in numbers. moses-faceWhat we have here is the same as Moses had in his day in that the children rose up to play. Moses was up in the top of the mountain talking with Jesus mouth to mouth and in that same sense they were talking decency and order and laws that needed to be made for the good of all whilst down below the children had rose up to play and had even set themselves up a dream world god which was the golden calf and I think we all know what happened next! Arron had given into the people and given them what they all wanted to hear, or in other words, he gave into their itching ears and said the things that they were itching to hear.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” (2 Timothy 4: 3,4)

Jesus will one day rule this world with a rod of iron!


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2 Responses to Seeing Jesus!

  1. A very common sense and sober article that is very needed. This is definitely the sort of article that demonstrates common sense and sounded minded leadership in the body of Christ. There is definitely a need for reliable leadership within the body of Christ among the confusion. I hope and pray the Lord leads the Lane family into a leadership position in the future because reliable Shepard’s are rare today.


  2. We simply think that the safest thing anyone can do is to stick to the universal truth that Jesus Himself spoke. Jesus said, “heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away.” Someone else once said, “there is more in heaven and earth than we all know” or words to that effect, so no-doubt this kind of thinking can send the imagination as running wild as there is so much more for us all to explore and so a lot of us became Christians and a lot of us are looking forward to the afterlife or better said, the next life, and to places where we can go and see and explore and taste and hear and who knows how much more our spiritual senses will discover! Still, there is one sure thing that is universal in all of this and that is the sure words of Jesus. This is being typed out on what you might call a universal keyboard – I’ve heard it called the qwerty keyboard – societies all around the world are using the qwerty keyboard and basically they are all the same though we understand there is a balance to this so you might say that the letter of the law of the qwerty keyboard doesn’t always apply but basically, for the sake of what you might call unified conclusion, they are all the same. So all being said, it is best for us all to put massive massive emphasis on the original words of Jesus just like we all depend upon the same qwerty keyboard for communication. If people start rearranging the qwerty keyboard then chaos will break out and we might find ourselves back into the days of the tower of babel and things really are becoming that bad. Solomon once said speaking of foolish talk, “The beginning of the words of his mouth is foolishness: and the end of his talk is mischievous madness” so the most simple solution has to be that we all get back to the simplicity that is in Christ, that we all zealously go with Jesus and the truth, that we all speak the same things – the simple words of Jesus are always best because there is no misinterpreting them, they are plainly spoken and not put into dark sentences or visions and they are universally recognised and able to be understood by all both the big and the small. Jesus said that we should become as little children; little children reject the adult world a lot because to them the adult world is often foolishness and we as adults see the little children having so much fun whilst we are too busy arguing and have less time for play – in Jesus we can all again become as little children, we can all get back to love and loving each other.


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