Elitists and their Alien god!



Simple Truth

There is much talk in alternative media regarding so-called elitists. You find yourself picturing these elitists as taking giant strides around the world in pursuit of some kind of better order for mankind. As far as these elitists are concerned, the picture you get is that Spiraling kingdomthey fancy themselves as being on the top of the political mountain and better positioned up there to see the whole panoramic view, the full spectrum of mankind and as having a better advantage point over the rest of us but it has to be understood that at the top of the political mountain has always been Lucifer, so if anyone gets to the top of the mountain of the political world then it has to be understood just who they are talking to up there and just who they are conversing with and who they are dealing with. No-doubt Lucifer has invited many people throughout time into that high office up there. Jesus was once taken there to a high-up meeting at the same top to the same mountain and in that same sense, to that high-office up there and was shown all the kingdoms of the world, Lucifer himself declaring that they all belong to him and that he was in a position whereby he could give them to whomsoever he will, Jesus of course declined and would not in any way go along with this offer because just like most offers, they come with strings attached, the string attached here were that Jesus would have to bow down and worship him, Lucifer, or in other words – “him” – the Devil.

Well, all being said, it has to be understood just what the name of the game is for all of these elitists and their celebrated friend, Lucifer, the Devil. What is the name of the game? The name of the game is purely, or better said, impurely, that they wish to bring their god Lucifer further and further into the equation of mankind and further to this they wish to rule out the opposition, the opposition to the Devil of course has always been God and Jesus and their angels. So you ask yourself: how might some kind of an alien encounter fit in with all of this kind of thinking? It would fit in very well to the equation if mankind’s perception of reality was to change dramatically. nasaPresently, as we all know, there is a massive push into the realms of computers and science, there is a massive push by NASA and such like people to go further and further into the outer regions of space and to conduct experiments out there in order to find life so it is clearly acknowledged in the mainstream media that they have every reason to believe that there is some form of life out there and frequently you hear of planets coming up that are similarly positioned as we are and are close to some sort of sun as we are and they also have reason to believe that they have water on such planets and of course you find yourself thinking that if mankind can go all that way out there to the outer regions of space with his computerised science and technology then what is to stop other forms of life coming here should they wish to do so? And should they ever turn up here on this planet then you might find yourself thinking that they are more advanced than we are and therefore they are better positioned to offer us all solutions to our failing world, they might even suggest that we have become a threat to the whole universe out there and that if we are left to our own devices then we might not only destroy ourselves but we might upset the order that is out there that other life-forms might depend upon. And what if they were to tell us that there is no such thing as God, that there is no such thing as devils and there is no such thing as angels and demons but instead they were to tell us that it’s always been evolution, that mankind is evolving and has now reached the stage in his evolution whereby he is ready to go to the next level, a level of which they have already attained to? And what if they were to introduce to the world some kind of grand master and grand leader who has apparently evolved more than the rest of us including themselves and that this same person has found himself in a position of great power and authority all of which has been achieved by his own efforts and his own good works? And what if this person was to tell us all that all of these visitations of the past in religious text books were largely talking about them and any talk of God and the Devil was merely superstitious thinking that clearly all there has ever been is evolution and those that have struggled within that spectrum? And what if this great leader and his underlings were to say to us, “isn’t it time that we all moved on from superstitious belief systems that involve myths like God and the Devil, myths like angels and demons? look what science has brought us all! Look what computers have brought us all! Look what technology has brought us all! Why after all it is science, computers and technology that have brought mankind this far and even into the outer regions of space and it is science, computers and technology that have brought us here to mankind from the very outer regions of space!” cosmic-bridgeSuch a leader might go onto say, “I see a bridge here that needs to be crossed, that mankind needs to cross over this bridge into our way of thinking. I see a massive gulf beneath this bridge and that gulf has to do with religious superstition, the superstition being that there is some kind of mythological figure called God and there is some kind of mythological figure called the Devil and of course we understand how mankind might arrive at such conclusions, this being so because mankind has been visited in the past by such like-minded figures as ourselves. One such like-minded figure would be Jesus himself, Jesus who came to this earth from another dimension. We acknowledge that there are other dimensions and people on earth have often called these other dimensions “spiritual realms,” we ourselves have come to understand that this is all purely science and that the miracles that may have taken place when Jesus was on earth were all purely scientific and something we have known about for eons now, for millions and millions of years now!”close-encounters

Conclusion: Yes, you can see how the elitists of this world would be very interested in phenomenon involving aliens, they themselves have a kind of dilemma. It has to be said because it’s the truth, that these elitists are in direct communication with Lucifer himself. Seeing as Lucifer is not human, is not even angelic, Lucifer is in a class of his own, not only to mankind but also he is in a separate class to every other creature created in the whole universe, it is in this that these elitists behold him as being God and as being better positioned to take hold of the reigns of power, not only of this world but of the whole universe! They see Lucifer as someone who has arrived at this position by his own good efforts and hard work as they themselves have also arrived at their position by their own so-called good efforts and hard work. Elitists don’t believe that any one person should be God purely because he is God, they believe you can only become God through your own hard work and individualistic efforts and that anyone can be so-called God, that it is all purely down to evolution and that anyone can evolve to such a position, both through the process of evolution and by their own good efforts and hard work so in this sense, they are on the ultimate works trip with their ultimate alien god whom they wish to introduce to mankind!

The Real Truth

1 Timothy 2:5 “…there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.”


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2 Responses to Elitists and their Alien god!

  1. The shadow government is definitely hiding a lot of this advanced technology (anti-gravity flying saucers etc). I had a friend who worked in construction and his boss at work saw a flying saucer hovering over a house he was working on, and his boss managed to get out his camera and take a photo of it. I’m sure all these flying saucers are stationed at secret military bases around the world. They may very well fly the antichrist in a flying saucer which lands at the White House, and declare that the antichrist just flew from Mars and is a god that needs to be worshiped. But in reality the antichrist was just flown from a military base and the craft built is man made and not alien made. Many of these flying saucers were built by the Nazi’s and the allies imported this technology after winning the war but haven’t told anyone about it. They are also creating part human/part animal lifeforms in test tubes at secret military bases and research farms, and the shadow government could deceive the masses by claiming these test tube beings are aliens from other planets. You kind of wonder why the NWO are bombarding us with all these alien TV shows on a regularly basis. If your kids are regularly watching TV shows about aliens in flying saucers and how they are our true gods, of course when the NWO stages such an event the youth will just fall for it. TV is a powerful weapon for mind control. The antichrist is definitely going to attempt a massive deception and I do think aliens and flying saucers may contribute to the deception. The abomination of desolation will also be some kind of advanced technology involving: holograms, mind control and sophisticated weaponry. A very relevant article here that people need to be aware of because many are believing a fake alien/UFO agenda will be involved in the antichrist deception. According to my own research I definitely believe fake aliens and UFO’s will be used in the coming end time deception. Thanks again and keep up the good work with these informative articles that other Christian ministries are simply too reluctant to discuss.


  2. Thanks for your interesting points of view. You have to have all possibilities out there because there is one thing for sure and that is that the man of sin (the son of perdition) is going to come in with all power and signs and lying wonders just as it says in Thessalonians.

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