Wonderful Comment from “The Individual” – commenting on “Loss of Innocence”

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The Individual (a.k.a Reptilian Dimension)

Interesting article. As a young adult I can say that society and the media (as a wise man once told me, “the art dictates the culture of a society) has raised much of my generation to hate God and be negative. I concede I have had issues with being negative (I was raised in a mostly atheistic family) and many of my values and morals have come from movies. Most people watch TV all the time; and when you spend that much time watching TV its going to effect your thinking and perspective. A lot of the hard rock music now glorifies suicide and murder and a lot of these kids are now dressing up like demons to mimic their favorite rock stars who sing suicide songs. Back in the 1950’s the most violent movie you’d get was when John Wayne shot a bandit with a gun to protect a damsel in distress, nowadays the hero kills entire families for no reason but to prove he is the toughest gangster and horror movies are even more sadistic. The media has changed a lot in 50 years and its definitely effecting society, you just have to look at how people behave. I guess if your person trying to move away from negativity and the demonic media, you just have to focus on more positive things like: the Bible, visiting websites like this and others that are similar, watching positive movies and just keeping things positive. Despite the sinful/demonic movies that are out there; there are some really good movies out there that really turn you toward God and positive energy. I recently watched a movie called “Me Before You” at the movies and it was absolutely fantastic and a real life changing experience for the best. Despite the negative media and bad movies, God can inspire some people to make Godly and beautiful movies that inspire people to be positive and loving; and this was definitely one of those movies. With iphones and technology the way it is today; I don’t think its possible to avoid the media, but we can prayerfully choose what to observe and what to ignore, I think that is the key to staying positive and focused on God. If your looking for a good movie for you and your family to watch I highly recommend “Me before you”; it will definitely have a positive effect on you and your family and inspire you to be better people. Finding good media is like digging for gold in the dirt, its rare and hard to find but it does exist!

Simple Truth – Well said, thanks for that, very wise advise! It’s good for people to have strong views on issues that effect us all. God Bless You!


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2 Responses to Wonderful Comment from “The Individual” – commenting on “Loss of Innocence”

  1. Thanks for the re-post. The movie I mentioned called “Me before you” Here is the link to the movie description: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2674426/ You guys should check the movie out and do a review of it on your website, I think you guys could do a really good job at that. I would also be interested in hearing your opinion of the movie. As a Christian I really enjoyed it. God bless


  2. I haven’t seen that film, I will look out for it though. Thanks for the tip!


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