Jimmy Hendrix’ Prophetic Message to America and to the Hippy Generation of His Day!

Simple Truth

Jimmy Hendrix was a well know guitar player that came out of the sixties and it could be said that the pivotal moment in Jimmy Hendrix’ career and when it reached its peak was at the Woodstock festival which was held on a dairy farm in New York state from 15th – 18th August as long ago as 1969. Woodstock is widely regarded as being the pivotal moment of the hippy movement which also reached it’s peak in 1969 – so who better to stand on that pivotal moment and mountain peak with the message for America and the whole world? – none other than Jimmy Hendrix himself!

Jimmy Hendrix was well known by his generation as a man who could actually make his guitar speak. He both shocked his own generation and America and the world when he stood in his own individualistic spirit with his own individualistically tailored message which he called “Star Spangled Banner” and then rang out this message via speaking through the very strings of his guitar. His guitar playing literally cried out to his generation and to America and the world without uttering a word verbally and yet the message was heard loud and clear via his guitar playing in which he exposed America as being hell-bent and as being a warmongering nation. His guitar literally screamed out to the audience, to America, and to the world, and spelt out via that music that America was doomed! His guitar playing cried out Woe! Woe! Woe! to America!!!! Woe! Woe! Woe! Woefor every bomb that America was dropping on foreign countries and Jimmy Hendrix made this point by playing out the very sound of those bombs that America was dropping at that particular time period on Vietnam. He was telling the world that America wasn’t such a great nation, that all it was bringing was hell to the world. He was telling his audience that their cause and their struggle with America was not over yet. The hippie generation of that time did carry a message of peace & love and a message also which pretty much preached that we need to get back to nature and some even took it as far as saying that we need to get back to the very Garden of Eden.

The hippie generation did tend to get tripped off into all kinds of drugs although on the other hand, some of these drugs were being used as a method of soul searching and spirit searching and trying to get to understand what life was really all about so a lot of hippies back then took drugs like LSD and smoked dope as a means to spirituality, they felt that the world had failed them in this, that the churches had failed them in this and so they were also known as the truth seeking generation and Jimmy Hendrix sure had his moment of truth when he gave this message to the world which he called “Star Spangled Banner.” A message which is still true today as it ever was and as it was back then, that America is a country that is largely founded upon war and so Jimmy Hendrix’ music still cries out today as it did back then in 1969 – Woe! Woe! Woe! to America!!! Woe! Woe! Woe! for every bomb that you drop on foreign soil, Woe! Woe! Woe! for every man, woman, and child, that you both kill and maim. Woe! Woe! Woe! for you will reap what you sow!

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man (nation) soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)

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2 Responses to Jimmy Hendrix’ Prophetic Message to America and to the Hippy Generation of His Day!

  1. Great article. Very relevant also considering you folks background. It’s interesting to read the story of how Father David and his partner and how they brought many of these hippies to Jesus Christ and started a Jesus hippy movement. The hippy movement is still around today and it has evolved into the rave movement. I guess your article helps us understand the hippy movement and how these people are open to spirituality and the gospel. As someone once told me, “nothing changes, only the technology.” The hippy movement now involves electronic music and of course the mind altering substances these spiritual seekers desire. I certainly don’t judge them as I also used to attend underground dance rave parties myself, I haven’t been to a rave with the modern hippies in a while, but they are certainly fantastic people seeking happiness in life in whichever way they can. I guess the only way to reach them with the gospel is by employing the tools Father David and his partner used; which involved: just loving them, being there for them, initiating friendship, sharing the gospel in a humble but casual way and sharing the spirituality of Jesus. I definitely encourage Terry Lane, Karen Lane and Daniel Lane to continue sharing the gospel, you folks are definitely an encouragement to those who want to get people saved. The hippies are still out there (lets pray for them! and if God leads us to go and reach them at these modern hippy parties, lets go tell them about Jesus!) God bless guys and all the best.


  2. Thanks for your interest here. As is with the Internet, there is such a lot of information out there that you do wonder how much people actually read the things that you say or even how much of it so your response reads as very encouraging. We all like to be taken seriously and when someone gives you both ears and both eyes, their full attention, then at last the satisfying feeling that somebody has given you their full attention which is a rare thing these days on the information highway so thanks for giving us a full response.

    You are right about the hippy movement. People need to remember that the hippies largely stemmed out of the Beatles and back in the early sixties everyone loved the Beatles. They largely sang about sweetness and love which stated off as a boy/girl sweetness and love in songs like “She loves you” etc. Then they started to look into the meaning of life and their songs were questioning the norms and so it was the Beatles that became like gurus who were taking their generation on a truth seeking mission and they were expanding their views on the world rather than narrowing it down and so that generation became very very ripe fruit for the picking and it just needed the right persons to come along with the right man, that man being the man, Jesus Christ and so the fruits were largely good though sad to say, a lot of these old hippies missed the boat and so they went on to miss the plane and upon missing the plane they missed the rocket, the very rocket that they had been looking for that would truly get them out of here and through which they could truly turn on, tune in, and drop out. I think a lot of these modern hippies that you talk about simply want to be happy and happy through the natural things in life like dance and music and the good company of others and escaping the madness of life through this and escaping into a world of full on expression and full on getting lost in music and friendship and taking all this into a frenzy of excitement and the thrill of the good company of each other. One of our sons was into the rave scene once so we do know where they are coming from in that respect and most definitely don’t judge them, it’s better to understand people than to ever judge them and as you say, friendship is what it’s all about. Friendship that becomes so powerful that even your friends can seem like family – if only the world could see all this, if only the world would fall back in love and include Jesus in all of this! Presently, life has become like a love affair that has all gone wrong and we all need to see love as the answer again, love for God and love for each other – a brotherhood of man! Love from Terry & Karen


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