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Jesus once said “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16:19). Jesus was saying this to Peter, one of His disciples, but you do come to realise that when Jesus was speaking to His disciples that He wasn’t just speaking to His disciples but He was speaking to everyone who would later on read what He said. This in itself is incredible because Jesus knew that everything He said would one day be written down for the whole world to read and hear, so yes, Jesus knew He had to get things right and He did of course! So when Jesus said that He would give the keys of the Kingdom to Peter He wasn’t just speaking to Peter but He was speaking to all of us.

Keys of the kingdomSo what are the Keys of the Kingdom? And how do they loosen things in heaven or bind things in heaven? Well, one way to look at this is to look at the words of Jesus as picture language, so when He is talking about a key then you simply look at what a key does. A key can do all kinds of things and in this same sense there are loads of keys, there are physical keys that you hold in your hand of course and if you have a phone in your hand then you might in this same sense key in a number; you key in a number and you get through to the right person at the other end of the line. So in every sense of the word a key is a code, you put in the right code and then you get a response.

When you think about it there are now millions and millions of keys in the world, there are physical keys that all have their different shapes that fit into locks, that unlock doors physically and there are all kinds of computer coded keys that even work electronically to unlock doors and all kinds of things, and even weapons of war are key coded. So you can put in a key and in the same sense you can unleash powerful energy, so it’s incredible what you can do with keys – you can either bind things with them or you can release things with them – so a lot of things we do in life these days are highly dependant upon keying in the right code or putting in the right key. So with the keys of the Kingdom we are largely talking coded messages that are written down as being recorded, let’s say in the New Testament, the words of Jesus, these being a kind of a coded message in that they are spiritually coded. So in using the right verse you are keying into spiritual power and energy that is waiting there to be released, so unless you put in the right key then the power is laying there dormant, it has to be unleashed via the right key, this key being the right verse for the situation.

Let’s say there are two or three of you gathered together and you are bored out of your tiny skulls, everything seems dead and empty and lifeless and even spiritless, you all feel that the conversation has gone flat and you are void of life, then you will need the right key, or in other words, the right verse or spiritually coded message that Jesus spoke two thousand years ago. So what verse (key) might help this situation and unleash the spiritual power and energy that you so desperately desperately need? The verse for this situation would be resurrected“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20) so as soon as we use that verse as a key then we are releasing Jesus who would prior to this, in this same sense, be bound in heaven. We have been put on earth with freedom of will and in this same sense, Jesus is bound by our decisions so if we make the wrong decision and we don’t seek Him then in this same sense He will be bound in Heaven but if we choose to remember the verse that we should have learnt and even have learnt, that ‘where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them’ and we call upon Jesus through using this particular verse then we are truly truly loosening Jesus who was bound in heaven by our wrong decisions so when we make the right decision through the right verse then we are also in this same sense releasing Jesus, we are releasing the very spiritual energy and presence of Jesus Himself who will in this same sense be instantly in the midst of you!

Draw-Near-To-GodIt is the same as with other key verses like this one for instance, in James 4:8 it says “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you…” he then goes onto say, “…cleanse your hands ye sinners; and purity your hearts ye double minded.” What he would have meant by “cleanse your hands ye sinners, and purity your hearts, ye double minded” is that that was what was standing in your way of you drawing nigh to God. ‘Cleanse your hands’ would mean that you are washing your hands of any wrong doing, you are drawing nigh to God and in this same sense you are cleaning yourself up, you are washing away any wrong doings that you have been putting your hands to, you are turning away from those things and you are wholeheartedly seeking God and are not double-minded. So we also get to understand when he talks of being double-minded that a lot depends upon our decisions. If we are drawing nigh to God and our mind is fully made up on this then God will draw nigh to us; if God sees that we are turning away from wrong doings and then turning to Him then we truly will be using the right key verse which is giving us the right key attitude and the right key drive in life in that we are now drawing nigh to God and He will be able to draw nigh to us, we have released Him in heaven to do this. When we were doing things wrong He would have been bound in heaven as God cannot go with you when you do things wrong, He can only go with you when you do things right.can-two-walk-together-except-they-be-agreedThere is another key verse in Amos 3:3 that would key into this and it simply says “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” So all being said, it is as simple as this: God is bound or not by our decisions, if we make the right decision through the right verses, or in other words, the right keys, then both God and Jesus and even His angels are released in heaven and are able to help us, if we make the wrong decisions then both God and Jesus and the angels are bound in heaven and will not be able to help us in any wrong doing!


About Simple Truth

We are sorry to have to suggest that we have a whole generation these days that has been, in a sense, spiritually castrated from birth. If you feel you are in a wilderness and that something is seriously missing from your life, then this could be the place for you. Our hope here is to offer some simple explanations as well as some simple realities, addressing the spiritual need in all.
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