Democracy the illusion of Choice!



Simple Truth

The average man in the street understands democracy to mean that because we all have differing opinions and can’t agree on everything therefore we need to vote and the majority gets to decide, but time goes by and you get to realise that it’s not quite as simple as this as people’s choices can be manipulated by the media and other people. Going by trends in the news as they call it, the trend up to a few days ago was that the people wishing to leave the EU in Britain, according to the polls, were gaining momentum and were ahead and as a result of this the stock markets were starting to plunge and then by some strange twist of fate, although extremely sad fate, assuming that fate is the right word to use here, an MP called Jo Cox was killed, if not murdered in the most horrific way and so for three days upon hearing this news through the mainstream media you could say that the whole country found itself plunged into despair, especially considering that she had two children and a husband and the fact being that she had done a lot of good with her life through charity work etc. also upon hearing about her death, all campaigning was halted for three days.

The next twist of fate in this unusual course of events is the sudden surge and rallying in the markets. You read headlines this Monday morning such as “FTSE 100 Rallies and Pound Heads for Biggest Daily Rise in Seven Years on Reduced BREXIT fears.” Also you hear that stock markets are rallying around the world and are set to rally in America and as they all say in the stock market world, the bulls are all out – “Bulls” in the stock market world means that the markets are pushed up – “Bears” would mean they are being pushed down. As the average man in the street understands the markets, they depend largely on confidence, for instance, if there’s good news coming through the mainstream media, for example, the world economy is doing well then people will feel more confident and will buy shares. The good or bad news dominating the media of late is that if Britain stays in the European Union then the economies of the world will do better, if Britain leaves the EU then the economy will do worse, or so we are being told!

Well, the good news ‘appears to be’ on Monday morning that it’s almost a forgone conclusion that Britain is set to stay in the EU and so the stock markets are soaring up as a result. Last week according to the polls it was looking like Britain would more that likely leave the EU and so the stock markets were going down so what is the average man in the street supposed to make of all of these things? He can only assume that people’s opinions have simply changed or they have been swayed by the bad news of Jo Cox’s horrific and apparent untimely death. What Jo Cox’s death does tell us is that people don’t seem to have a mind of their own anymore, they are largely swayed by what you might call trends in the news. A wave of good or bad news comes in and people can be swayed either way. People have become like waves of the sea that are driven with the winds and tossed and they are as James describes some people in the Bible, he said, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways” James 1:7. You find yourself thinking that there must be a lot of unstable people around these days and that the instability amongst people all boils down to money. There is a good saying that most people have heard of and that is: Blood is thicker than water, to add to this you’d have to say that though blood is thicker than water, money is thicker than all things! So what will decide the vote on June 23rd? Will it be “blood is thicker than water” or “money is thicker than all things”?



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2 Responses to Democracy the illusion of Choice!

  1. ebolainfo says:

    Brexit for me is about self determination, morality and truth, NOTb money and economics!
    The EU project has relied on deceit to accomplish its aim. We find that the minds behind the project were NAZIs and spooks (CIA). We then look at it current form. Corrupt, dictatorial, incompetent, wasteful. To then find that it accommodated the secretive TTIP trade agreement is a further affront to the rule of law or rule by open/public consent.


  2. If I were to look at the EU in the light of writing a script, particularly when you consider the upcoming vote on 23rd June, then the two personalities that have found themselves in the public eye and in the equation would fit in very well with what you might call an intriguing story and as a lot of people say these days, you couldn’t make these things up. The two people that have in a sense been written into the script are Jo Cox and Tommy Mair, the sad fact is that this is not a mere script or a play, it is real life and these two people are real people. The other sad fact is that the powers that really be are as it says in the Bible, the real rulers of the darkness of this world. There is no doubt a lot riding on this vote on Thursday, or better said, on the unfolding drama that is being played out before our very eyes. To take this all one or two steps higher then people should look more into the real powers that be and the real PTB are more to be found in the spiritual dimension in that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. When you begin to see these things from a spiritual perspective then you begin to see just how wicked the whole thing is and how indeed it all originates from spiritual wickedness in high places – high places both in this world and out of this world – these two working together as one!


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