I Didn’t Believe in the Spirit World …Until!!! Inspiring Testimony – Must Watch!

Simple Truth

Do you believe that there is another reality that exists alongside this one – the spiritual realm? Do you believe that there are spiritual entities both good and bad that are watching over and impacting our lives? Well Mark Houser does and through a serious of events Mark’s life was dramatically changed and he woke up to a new reality. Mark was once a successful conservative businessman that was making serious money, living the ultimate yuppie lifestyle and he gained his sense or worth in life through material possessions and the prestige that it gave him. He was a self-confessed, self-centred, conceited, atheist evolutionist that saw Christians as weak and needing a crutch to help them get by in life but all this was about to change. Here is his very honest testimony…

In Mark’s own words: I didn’t believe in spirits, what I encountered changed everything. It humbled me and caused me to make dramatic changes in my life. I started writing songs to God, who previously I did not believe in. It woke me up to a new reality.

His story continues…


Here is one of the songs that he now writes:

Hear My Cry

Hear My Cry is a thunderous wake-up call for the church. May offend some people, it’s suppose to……

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