Are You a Playing Field for God or The Devil?


Simple Truth

It is a very strange fact that in the story of Adam & Eve and ever since Adam & Eve were first created, there has been a spiritual battle taking place in a more spiritual dimension than a physical one. It’s a strange fact that the Devil was given access to the Garden of Eden and some kind of potential access into people’s lives. Well, it turned out that that old serpent which is called the Devil and Satan gained this access into the lives of Adam & Eve and therefore mankind via the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, and as we all know, Adam & Eve both partook of the first initiation ceremony that ever took place on this earth in that they were initiated into forbidden knowledge and so called higher knowledge and at the same time they were introduced into the lusts of the flesh over (above) the spirit, and in this same sense mankind as a whole became the Devil’s playing field which all pops the big question: what exactly does it mean to become the Devil’s playing field? Well, it’s as simple as this; the Devil had no-doubt taught Adam & Eve all about the lusts of the flesh when they partook of the forbidden fruit.

Adam & EveUp to and before they even ate the forbidden fruit, Adam & Eve were God’s workmanship and if you look at this territorially you would say they were God’s territory and in this same sense they were God’s playing field. Adam & Eve were operating purely on a spiritual level and were totally interacting with God and with Jesus; they were drawing nigh to God and He was drawing nigh to them and as the scriptures say, “…it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). Well, the Devil being the jealous lord that he is and the god that he thinks he is, was extremely jealous when he could see and had access into seeing what a wonderful relationship there was going on between Adam & Eve and Jesus, they were in this same sense one happy family. The family of man consists of God being the Father, the Holy Spirit being the Mother, and Jesus being the Son, so God made man in His image and we read that it says, “…Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:” (Genesis 1:26).  And so Adam & Eve were created in the image of God (and in this same sense, in the image of the family of God) and were first told to be fruitful and multiply, so they were in this sense one big happy family and the family members were going to increase.

Well, jealousy is as cruel as the grave we read, the Devil lurking in the background of all this, and so God had warned them of the forbidden fruit and in this same sense He had warned them not to consume this fruit with their flesh, or in other words, not to consume the forbidden fruit upon the lusts of their flesh and He warned them that if they did then they would surely die. The definition of death is largely that they would die instantly, die eve-in-the-garden-of-eden-006spiritually, even upon touching the unclean thing (the fruit) which they did; they would in this same sense catch the disease; the disease of first sin and then death that would follow. So at that time they died spiritually and were introduced to the lusts of the flesh and at the same time they were introduced to the false word of god in that they had eaten the Devil’s words and were getting into his spirit and his lusts and where he would take them. So what they had actually done in another sense was to yield up their lusts as a playing field for the Devil. The Devil being on one side of the pitch so to speak and God being on the other and so the whole game is played out in the spiritual realm with mankind being the playing field. St Paul wrote in Galatians 5:17 “For the flesh lusteth against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other:”

corner of pitchTo add clarity to this whole line of thinking, it has to be looked at like this: when we get into the lusts of our flesh then we are giving ground to the Devil. We are giving him and his a foothold into our lives; we are giving him a playing field to play in. So the more we get into the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life, then the more playing field we give to the Devil and his as a team and you in this same sense become a team player and an instrument of his. The only way out of all this of course is to yield up your members, or better said, yourself, as being an instrument unto God. St Paul put it like this, “Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God” (Romans 6:13). So give yourself completely over to God through Jesus and don’t go in any way at all with the lusts of the flesh; as soon as you go with the lusts of the flesh you are yielding up your members as an instrument unto the Devil and you are becoming his workmanship and not God’s; you are becoming his playing field and you are on his side. Jesus said, “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.” (Matthew 12:30)

Presently, the whole world is going over as being the Devil’s playing field and so we have a world that is scattering and not gathering and so the whole world is going into a scattering state; everything is scattering and repelling and confusing; it reminds you of some of these rugby games and games like that where people scatter and repel each other. At this point you might ask again: what is this concept of the flesh lusting against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh? It’s as simple as this: we are all born into a world where from birth we have been introduced into, and sad to say the whole procsess is a form of initiation, into the lusts of the flesh. Mankind largely operates within the realms of his flesh, at least that is what he thinks. What a lot of people don’t realise is that they have yielded up their members and have become instruments of the Devil’s so-called peace; the fact of the matter is that there is no making peace with the Devil, he will never be at peaceTwoFallen with anyone; with him it’s all war war war war war and nothing but war! Jesus said, “…he (theDevil) was a murderer from the beginning and his lusts (murder) will his servants do” (John 8:44). So all mankind has got on his hands, whether he chooses to realise or acknowledge it or not, is war war war and murder murder murder, that’s all it will ever result in if we go with the Devil; it’s where the Devil is coming from ever since he declared war against God and it’s where he’s going to with his war against God and His creation. So if we go with him, all we’ll ever have on our hands, mankind as a whole, is the wages of sin which is death in that we die spiritually to God pretty instantly when we go with the lusts of the flesh and when we go with the Devil. What we all need to do is make our peace with God. Jesus said, “He that is not with me is against me” so if we get into the lusts of the flesh then we are getting out of the presence of God; we are removing ourselves from the very presence of God in that we think our flesh is better than His Spirit.

The way to first get into the Spirit of God is through receiving Jesus into the very heart and soul of our being; Jesus is the only one whoever brought the lusts of the flesh and the lusts of the Devil into submission so if we receive Jesus wholeheartedly into our hearts then we are yielding ourselves wholeheartedly over to Him; we are then instruments of His peace and are on His team and we are in this same sense His playing field and are on the right side of Heaven and we have our lusts in submission to Him and not against Him. The Devil of course got on the wrong side of Heaven and has built up a whole new kingdom that wishes to fight the Kingdom of God. If you can see all of this and you are aware of a spiritual reality in all of this then it is wise to get on the right side of Heaven and to ask Jesus into your heart and to yield all of your members up to Him and to become an instrument of His peace and to present yourself as a playing field and a team member of the Angels of God, battling it out for the Spiritual Kingdom of God.

jesuscolorSimply pray a simple prayer. It doesn’t matter what words you choose, simply go with your heart; do you feel the need to become a more loving person? Are you aware of how selfish and lusty you can become at times? Perhaps sometimes you even hate yourself for this and wish you could bring yourself and this into submission? If this is your heart, then go with your heart and ask Jesus to come in and help you overcome the very selfish lusts of your flesh. Present yourself up as an instrument of His peace and tell Him you wish to be on His side, on His team, and you wish to make peace with God and with the Kingdom of God – it’s as simple as this. If you want truth and Jesus into your heart and you really want this, then you will find it. Jesus said, “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13.) So go with your heart – go with Jesus!

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