Turn Your Eyes Towards Memphis (Egypt) for out of it will come The Great Confusion – Warning Prophecy!!!

Simple Truth

If I was an archaeologist and found myself digging deep into the past as archaeologists do, then I would surely find myself in a state of shock and awe if I were to discover the above prophecy (in the video). It might even appear to me that rather than find a so-called relic from the past, I might momentarily be fooled into thinking that I’d struck into a main power cable. Upon digging deep into the above prophecy you do find yourself feeling just like an archaeologist would feel if he discovered some strange power emanating treasure. He might find himself unearthing the words in this prophecy as if unearthing them and cleaning them up sentence by sentence and so bringing them back into their former glorious state. He might also find himself handling these words with great care. He remembers the day when he first discovered these words and how it was impressed upon him that the words contained an incredible surge of power and energy, so much so that he chose to believe the words were prophetic, so seeing as the words hold such great prophetic value then they must be both handled and interpreted with great care.

So yes, the above prophecy does hold immense prophetic value and was given to a woman called Virginia Brandt Berg as long ago as 1965. Her testimony is that Jesus woke her out of deep sleep and told her to start writing – she listened to the voice of Jesus and obeyed and this was the result. She kept these prophetic words to herself for a whole month before bringing it to the world’s attention. During the same time period there was another prophetess by the name of Jeane Dixon who also foresaw a great leader that was to arise out of Egypt. This great leader she said would be likened to one of the great pharaohs of Egypt and would have the same characteristics as Akhenaten. Akhenaten was a heretic that eventually turned the world from its former gods to the worship of himself. Not only this but she also saw him with such infinite and satanic wisdom, knowledge and hypnotic personality, “that all the world will wonder after him”, as predicted in Revelation 13. Particularly…the youth of the world will idolise him and flock after him.

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2 Responses to Turn Your Eyes Towards Memphis (Egypt) for out of it will come The Great Confusion – Warning Prophecy!!!

  1. Rafaela says:

    Yep. The way you present this does not do the subject justice. Other than that, ok.


  2. Simple Truth says:

    Thanks for your interest.


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