Are You Being Translated???

Simple Truth

Translated is a word that actually comes up in the New Testament of the King James version of the Bible. Looking up this word in the dictionary it can simply mean: to turn from one language into another or it can mean to change the form, condition, nature, to transform, or convert. It can even mean, in relation to computers: to convert (a programme, data, code, etc.) from one form to another. Often words come up when we read certain verses and they are key words to the whole verse. The verse where this word translated comes up in relation to God Himself reads like this:

“Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son” (Colossians 1:13)

 So what we are reading is that it is God who hath delivered us from the power of darkness and it is He that has translated us into the Kingdom of His dear Son. This being translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son has happened to many people, millions and even billions of people, so people may ask: what exactly does it mean to be translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son? Well, the answer to that is that it is a question that we once asked ourselves when we first read this verse. What happens to people is that there comes a time in a person’s life when they in no uncertain terms are being offered what is commonly called Salvation via Jesus Christ Himself. This to me personally meant that I was being given a priceless opportunity to enter into the very presence of God Himself via His Son Jesus Christ. This making to me the whole experience of Salvation a very personal one rather than being more about death and hell and all of these more black & white concepts. What was paramount in my mind when I received what is commonly called Salvation was, I don’t care what you call it and I’m not so much concerned about going to hell here and all that sort of stuff, what was more important to me was that I needed to know, I needed to have a spiritual experience that told me that God is real, that Jesus is real, that there is another life after this life, that spiritual realities are very definitely a part of life and so I received Jesus into my life and quite definitely a translating experience was taking place. Time went by on that day and I was becoming fully aware and also in experience of not only the reality of there being a God out there but the experience of there being a God, climaxing in the thrill of actually knowing God. In a funny sort of way, little did I know how dramatic the whole experience was and how dramatically my whole life was to change from then onwards and as we read in the meaning of the word “Translated” my very nature was changing and if I was to look at my mind as being a kind of computer then my computer coding and programming in my mind was also beginning to change. We read also that “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

It was and still is as if I was learning a whole new language, the language being the language of the Spirit. I learned that if I talked through and as from my old impulses (computer programming and desires) then everything would fall flat and I would be out of what came to be called the Spirt. When you enter into God’s presence then you enter into His Spirit and this in reality is the true Spiritual reality and spiritual dimension that everyone is looking for and so you learn to walk in that reality and not in your old reality. Your old reality is walking in the flesh, your new reality is to learn to walk in the Spirit, that Spirit being the very presence of God. “God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship him in spirt and in truth.” So I had been delivered from the power of darkness and had been translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son. So the Kingdom of God’s dear Son is the Kingdom of the spiritual dimension or better said, the presence of God – the Spirit.

The kingdom of darkness that I had been delivered from was in another sense, the kingdom of this world. The kingdom of this world is run and owned by God’s opponent, that opponent being the Devil and Satan, the arch enemy of God. So once having tasted of the spiritual realities and the most definite spiritual understanding and experience of the reality of there most definitely being a God then for me there was no turning back and not that I wanted to, there was no escaping the reality of there being a God and a Son of God, Jesus, both of whom I now knew, not only knew of but “knew.” So now, just like millions of other Christians, my whole walk in life was to learn to walk with Him.

The key to waking with God and with Jesus is to love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your might and to love others as yourself, this summing up what the whole Bible is all about and this summing up what I had been translated into and all of my spiritual impulses would now point to this as being the great purpose of life itself. These spiritual impulses which were coming from Jesus who was now in me seeing as I’d asked Him into my life and into my heart were now starting to override all of my other earthly and fleshly impulses and in this same sense, I was being reprogrammed mentally. I was letting this mind which is in Christ Jesus be in my mind. My mind was becoming His mind and His mind was becoming my mind and Jesus’ mind would always be God’s mind and would always be in unison with what is called the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit, these three being One. So when we become one with Jesus we also become one with God and the Holy Spirit.

When we find this great unity, these are the times that we are the most happy and the most spiritually fulfilled. It’s as if you find yourself entering into the very centre of the universe and suddenly everything falls into place and you know that God is in perfect control, that Jesus is in perfect control and that the Holy Spirit is in perfect control of everything and that nothing happens or will happen or has happened without Him, either making it happen or allowing it to happen so it is times like this that it is all good and it is very good because at last you find that peace and hope and everything you’ve been looking for in life, so again, you are pleased that you have been translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son.

This all brings us to the problems we all have these days, no matter who we are. There is another spirit out there and the main enemy of God out there who wishes to translate us all back and away from God. He wishes to come between this great relationship and this great translation that has taken place in Christians (or could take place in others if they receive Jesus), he wishes to sever all our ties with Jesus and bring us all back into the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of this world and so you could say that the serpent’s (the Devil’s) mouth is open wide these days and there is a flood coming out of it. The Devil is the great propagator of lies and he does nothing but propagate lies all day long, all night long, every day, every month, every year, and even for centuries now and even for ages now he has been the great propagator of lies. The lies have become so powerful now that they are literally coming out of his mouth as a flood, we are bombarded left, right, and centre, and as from every conceivable angle with imagery and lies, the allures of the lusts of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life come through this computerised world as if coming from the very mouth of the serpent which is wide open and so we are bombarded with all the images and lies that flood out of our computers. We as Christians have become like salmon’s that must swim up against the torrent and the floods and many are weakening and giving into the flood and giving into the daily bombardment of imagery that floods and gushes out of our computers. “The imagination of the thoughts of men’s hearts are only evil continually” and this is what the Devil is using and operating through these days. People are either wittingly or unwittingly becoming ambassadors for Satan himself and they are spreading his lies to the four corners of the earth via the Internet.

The Devil’s whole aim in all of this is to either keep people who have already been translated from birth; we are born into this world a pure innocent soul and slowly all of this is taken away from us by the world and it’s lies. Some of us have become Christians and so we were translated back into this natural state in that we were born again and in this same sense, our slate was wiped clean, all of our past mistakes and failings were forgiven us and so we were given the great opportunity to become born again with a fresh new start, given back our innocence that we once had when we were first born here, given back that purity of mind and heart that we once had as little babies.

People would surely have to agree if they take an honest look around them that the amount of people that are literally mesmerised, hypnotised, or better said, are becoming de-humanised by their very computers is becoming astronomical. We’ve all heard of the zombie apocalypse and more and more you see people walking around like zombies holding their computers in their right hand or sat in rooms on their own with their computers on their laps or even whole rooms of people with their computers on their laps. It’s as if people are losing desire and ambition and even faith and even love for normal reality, their only impulse, the same of which they are being translated into is to operate in this modern manmade, Devil inspired, materialistic and substitute spiritual dimension. People are so into their computers now that not only have they lost interest in the normal outside world and normal outside world relationships but the next step and phase for these people is to actually go into their computers through what they are now calling “Oculus Rift” and the ultimate virtual reality experience to date. With this next phase coming in there is a very very real danger here and that is the danger of being just that, translated, not into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son but for Christians it could mean that you could be translated back into your former self and worse, this of course does not mean that you can lose your Salvation but you certainly won’t benefit from it, that is if you’ve let things go that far that you too have reached the phase that you are so into your computer and cyber-world that you literally wish to become one with cyber-world through the next leg-up from Satan himself.

The other danger is that if you are already saying goodbye to your loved ones, seeing as they are already into their computers that they now wish to enter into their computer and become one with their computer, then you might begin to wonder if you will ever really see them ever again. They could be in the same room with you or even in their top room all alone with their computer but deep down you know that they are not really with you, they are no longer in the real world and it reminds you of that old film called “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” In that film people were what you might call “Translated” as their mental processes changed and they were taken over literally by aliens, as mad as that sounds! They looked the same on the outside but inside they had been translated and changed, they no longer had desire for the normal life, they no longer had normal ambitions, they no longer saw the need for love, and they no longer had faith and this they imagined was their bliss and whole towns of people would persuade others to just simply give into it and become as they are without ambition, without desire, without love, and without faith so in this same sense, they were body snatched, they now belonged to somebody else and not themselves, a host had entered into their bodies and into their minds and had quite literally taken over all of their natural impulses.

So we all have to ask ourselves: do we really want to be translated into all of this or do we really want to be translated into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son?




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