When you first decide to serve God, all hell breaks loose!


If the Devil can just scare you out before you begin, then you’ll never even get started, and you’ll never accomplish what God wants you to do. So the Devil pulls out all of his big guns and everything in his bag of dirty tricks to try to keep you from starting to serve God, because if he can just keep you from starting, he figures you’ll never serve God.

It’s your witness the Devil fears! He knows he’s going to lose others from his clutches because of you and your influence and testimony. Every one that is won is a threat to hundreds of others of his, so he’s out to stop each one the best he can.

In the testing time before the beginning of His ministry, even Jesus was carried out into the desert and tempted by the Devil himself!–Imagine! The Devil was allowed to really test and attack Him! But Jesus never yielded under the attack, but resisted the Enemy with the Word of God. When the Enemy saw Jesus wasn’t going to give up, then he quit

So for God’s sake and the sake of others, and for your own sake, don’t let the Devil frighten you or bluff you out of what the Lord wants you to do before you even get started! The Lord says, “resist the Enemy and he will flee from you!” (James 4:7)


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5 Responses to When you first decide to serve God, all hell breaks loose!

  1. pathswewalk says:

    This is so absolutely relevant to me right now. Just a few months ago, I started to really embrace my faith and decided to build my relationship with God. Recently, it seems like everything has been going wrong and I can’t seem to find that strong connection and feeling I usually get from church/scriptures/etc. So frustrating. When does it end?!


  2. pathswewalk says:

    This is completely relevant to me right now! Just a few months ago, I decided to grow and strengthen my faith. Recently, it seems as though everything is going wrong and I can’t seem to find that same connection/feeling that I usually get from scriptures/church/etc. So frustrating! When will it end?!


  3. Sometimes and quite a lot as Christians we have a strong tendency to try instead of trust. Our natural inclination in life is to yield to the natural man and the arm of the flesh, to fortify our wills and launch ourselves into the battle so to speak, whereas what we should really be doing, and this doesn’t always come natural to us as natural men and women, is to “stand back and let me fight saith the Lord!” A just man falleth seven times and riseth up again. When we finally let go and let God, it’s then that we get the victory so sometimes God is simply putting us in a position where we finally break and cry out to Him with all of our hearts and then we get the victory. Jeremiah said “Ye shall seek me and find me when ye shall search for me with all your heart (cry out like a humble helpless baby!).”


  4. pathswewalk says:

    Thank you for this!

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