Loneliness and the Image of the Beast!

Loneliness online

Simple Truth

What people need to ask themselves is: are they reaching for another person when they go on the Internet or are they reaching for the image of the beast? In a lot of ways, the image of the beast is already here. My son came back from Southampton the other day, he sat down and ate in one of the large cafeteria type restaurants there which caters for a hundred or more people and he took a photo of everybody there, the point being to highlight the amount of people that were either on their iPhones or had their iPhones on the Table with them. Well the main features of any social gathering these days is, yes, you see people sit down to eat with each other etc. and yet there they all are with their computer devices in hand or at hand. So a vast number of people would feel lonely to go out without their iPhone etc, even if they are out with their friends or family members, they just have to have their computers with them or they might get lonely.

One madiator between God and manYou do wonder if we have all been turned into mere mediators. When you think about powerful verses that are written in the very “Book of Life” itself, verses that would tell us that there is One mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus then you do wonder if perhaps all people are doing these days is mediating between computer and man instead of leading each other to God as we should be. We should all be mediating for God like Jesus does, He’s the great mediator between God and man so we should be mediators for Jesus; first leading others to Jesus as mediators and then Jesus will be our mediator who brings us to God! Clearly we can’t walk into God’s presence in our flawed human state, we need to come to God through Jesus’ perfect state. We as humans can lead people to Jesus but only Jesus can lead us to God and this is how God would have us all be, all leading each other to Jesus who would then lead us to God. The sad reality of today’s world is that everybody is being turned into mediators, they are not mediating between man and Jesus as they should be but instead they are mediating between man and computer, between man and the image of the beast; people are flocking to the Internet in droves, by the millions and by the billions; people are forming little gatherings or larger gatherings in cyber-world and people are starting to prefer these gatherings and mediating’s between each other and on computers above human contact and it all goes against natural affection for each other.

the_new_worship_114915It was prophesied years ago that people would be lost in a world of unnatural affection, ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth. Strangely enough, the whole world is being sucked into what you would call an unnatural affection for each other and fantasy affection online, this taking place on various levels and to various degrees with no stopping place in sight. The imaginations of the thoughts of man have all been encapsulated into cyber world and so people enter in there to find who or what they think they are looking for; the whole thing boils down to a bizarre and unusual and unnatural affection for an imaginary world online and an imaginary perception of other people and even yourself! It could also be said that the Internet is the very embodiment and mirror image of “…all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish…” (2 Thessalonians 2:10). This verse here was written in reference to the man of sin or in other words, the very Antichrist that will arise in the last days. The people of the world will be fooled into making an image of this Antichrist, it will be the very mirror image of the Antichrist himself and what it will stand for is as it says here in this same verse. It will stand for “…all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” There is just about every imaginable and unimaginable evil that can be found on the Internet these days and so the whole world is going completely over to the very “Image of the Beast” and all deceivableness of unrighteousness, it’s just like what happened to Adam & Eve; the Devil offered them forbidden knowledge through the forbidden fruit and so they reached out with their hands and took it into their hands and did eat.


As an after note: The World Wide Web (Internet) should be viewed as just that, a world wide web. Presently it could be said that the web is in it’s infancy in that you can still find truth on here but no-doubt it’s rapidly going way beyond it’s infancy. Early in the morning you might see dew forming on spiders’ webs like little water droplets on them; if you are to look at these water droplets as pearls of wisdom then it is presently still possible to find these pearls of wisdom on the World Wide Web. It is good to find these pears of wisdom still on here but every one of us has to be careful that we don’t get tangled up in the Devil’s web of lies. The Devil is good at twisting things around, he knows people come here to look for the truth and he would be ok with this as many have come looking for the truth but have instead found themselves tangled up in all the lies. There are also many precious souls that you can find online and some of these are already tangled up in the web. We can still come online and set these people free, we can be mediators for Jesus on here as only Jesus can truly set us free – We can know the truth and the truth can set us free!


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