Pondering the Alien Invasion!

Scientist putting God in a test tube

Simple Truth

Seeing as there is great excitement these days concerning the possibility of an alien invasion then you do find yourself pondering this question and wondering how such a thing could play out or be played out or rolled out into the general public’s mind. Well, we are living in a fantastical day and age and captain fantastic seems to be popping up all over the place in the movies, so the mind spins and swings between fact and fiction, facts being that we are now undoubtably living in a highly technological and computerised day and age; mankind’s evolution has taken a massive leap into the unknown. Anyone in their right frame of mind, in a sound-minded frame of mind, might find themselves wondering where all of this super advanced technology and computerisation is all coming from and just who or what has dreamed up this whole scheme of things. If the whole thing is to be looked upon as a scheme of things, then you would have to ask: just what kind of a mind could have dreamed this whole thing up and just who or what is all of this accredited to?

cern_alert_scientists_talk_of__parallel_universes_black_holes_extra_dimensions__200736With those kinds of thoughts in mind, you might find yourself wondering if this whole thing crossed over into our dimension from some other dimension. Well, on the subject of dimensions, we all hear that they have developed a new form of technology which goes by the name of CERN. The understanding you get from CERN is that they are apparently trying to crack open, so to speak, the secret and secrets of the universe, this bringing us into the possibility of discovering other dimensions and other substances, namely the so called “God Particle.” It could be said that what they are apparently trying to do is to get God in a test tube. Now to get God in a test tube or to fathom God out as being of substance is totally and utterly preposterous and totally and utterly impossible; God will never ever be placed in a test tube! We read that the only way to ever find God is purely through belief and therefore purely through the miraculous. Miraculous means, in this same sense, total and utter and complete uniqueness in that there is no explanation that we can ever come up with to explain the miraculous God. God exists purely in the realm of the miraculous and there is no explanation or ever will be as to how come God simply is. The only explanation that we’ve got is His Word for it and the experience of God Himself through belief in a miraculous God and not a God that you can put in a test tube. God simply tells us though His Word “I Am that I Am.” God has always been and always will be and even our concept of time cannot fathom God out!

2353DD5C00000578-2842299-image-2_1416483394730So bringing us back of CERN – just think for one moment in time just what will happen if they apparently come out and declare that they’ve discovered the true secret of the universe and they in this same sense have got this whole thing in a test tube along with the proven reality of other dimensions. Now this whole thing then might offer to mankind some kind of explanation and proof of a spiritual dimension. The spiritual dimension suddenly becomes in this sense as a thing of substance that has been discovered via man’s supreme intelligence. Then you’d have to say that we’ve brought a kind of spiritual dimension into our physical equation. You might then find yourself wondering: are we actually reaching the point in time when science and spirituality will in this same sense become one? Or taking it another step further: will science, spirituality, and evolution all become one and in this same sense be integrated into the so-called great singularity that we are all also hearing about these days.

stars-leadAlong with all this kind of thinking, we read and see and hear of NASA who are apparently penetrating deeper and deeper and further and further out into the far reaches of space with the view, now conclusive via the media, that there is life out there, there is intelligence out there and all we need to do now is discover it, see it, touch it, hear it, behold it, and even embrace it in it’s bodily form and in this same sense, they kind of want to do just like the disciples did with Jesus. St John who was one of Jesus’ disciples talked of Jesus in this same sense in that he had heard Jesus and he had touched Jesus. He says this in 1 John 1:1 “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the word (Jesus) of life.” Mankind feels or is starting to feel that he so urgently needs to touch and feel and see with his own eyes and even embrace the reality of intelligent life out there, evolved beings out there, species out there, life-forms out there, superior advanced intelligence out there; they have got to the stage where they need to have all of this in bodily form, they need for someone to come along and embody all of this and bring the reality of all this to the people. In this same sense, what they apparently need is a kind of a Christ like figure and a new scientific god with a scientific explanation for the spiritual realities of life.

The problem of course with all this kind of thinking will be that rather than give the world spirituality, it will in the same singularity sense be both giving mankind so-called spirituality and it will be dispelling it, or in other words ousting any other so-called concepts of spirituality or better said, any other god, these now being proven to be of alien_priestsubstance rather than spirit. So what they will be telling us is that these other gods’ that people have believed in in the past have now been proven to be of substance and therefore they too will have been mere aliens or mere highly evolved aliens or in other words, highly evolved beings that have crossed from their dimensional realm or star into ours, this also telling us that there was and is nothing miraculous about Jesus. Jesus in their mind will be passed off as merely an evolved supreme being who had no claim to god status and it wouldn’t surprise you that they would rewrite the Gospel and any other religious texts in order to make all of this fit in with this whole concept of their being no such thing as a spiritual God or even a spiritual Devil but rather, there are only evolved beings and good and evil are mere concepts of morality and not so much good being God and evil being the Devil. There is only Lucifer, the most evolved and the son of Lucifer made flesh and then of course there is mankind who so urgently needs to evolve further than he already has. This whole thing in their minds will dispel the whole so-called God myth and bring the whole of everything into the reality of man’s puny five senses. The whole thing will of course be a lie as deep down, we all know God does exist.

The problem we really have is that mankind doesn’t want God and yet he does need a belief system; a belief system is something we all operate under and therefore each individual belief system is in this same sense a person’s religion, so we all need religion or a belief system if you wish to call it that. So what they are in effect actually creating is a new form of belief system with a new form of a more scientific god and a new form of scientific computerised, technologically advanced spirituality.


Whatever you are hearing about aliens these days, it is important for people to realise that this whole thing is coming from a spiritual perspective. The below video, talking along the lines of alien abduction, brings this point out quite clearly and what power and spiritual authority we have in the name of Jesus!

The truth still remains that “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). “God is a spirit: and they that worship him shall worship him in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). Receive Jesus into your heart and look forward to a more than better world and better life!


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