Be Like Jesus!


If you really have the compassion of the Holy Spirit, the Love of God and the Love of Christ in your heart, you’re going to be like Jesus! And if you want to know what Jesus is like, just read the Gospels! They’re beautiful! The Bible says Jesus went about everywhere doing good, striving to lead God’s children back to the worship of the true Father, His little lambs back into the one and only true fold of the Great Shepherd and the way of simple truth and love and peace – the true Kingdom of God! (Acts 10:38) Study the Gospels and see how Jesus did things! Study the Master Teacher Who only taught and lived love and sharing, Who came for love and lived in love and died for love that we might live and love forever!

Be Like JesusThe Words of Jesus are the most beautiful, inspired and encouraging part of the Bible. He was almost always the peace-maker. When they didn’t like His message, He didn’t force it on them. It was all voluntary, all “whosoever will”. Jesus was patient, loving, kind, sympathetic and forgiving, always loving, always leading, not pushing or driving, and always feeding and encouraging and strengthening His little lambs.

Lord, You are the greatest of all examples of humility and mercy. Help us to be like You, Lord Jesus!


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