The Erotic Nature of the Song of Solomon

I came across this video and couldn’t help admiring this guy for broaching the taboo subject of sex and the erotic language that can be found in the Song of Solomon that most Christians will shy away from and the churches completely ignore. For anyone out there that thinks the Bible is just a boring book of rules and that God is anti-sex, and anti any kind of enjoyment for that matter, then they should definitely read the Song of Solomon – you certainly won’t hear it preached from any church pulpit that’s for sure! Even the translators of the bible had a hard time with the sexually explicit and erotic wording in this book because of cultural taboos and the fear of offending the readers and simply because it went against their own sexual mores and standards which conflicted with God’s sexual standards.

God is most definitely not anti-sex though and the Bible is full of erotic language and romance and that is what the Song of Solomon is all about. It is written as an allegory, depicting the intimate love of God for His Bride (the true Church) following the relationship of a Shepherd boy and a Shulamite girl who are lovers: Jesus and His Bride (the true Church). We see them fall in love and begin a progression to the time where thy blend in every aspect of their lives. The believer will enter into the sacred secrets of these two lovers committed to a life together – you (all who are the true Bride) and Jesus are those lovers! It is filled with meaning that only the two who have been made “one” will understand. This song reflects the experiences of grace and love known only to them both. Jesus and his bride will sing to each other. It is a song from a bride to her lover and from her lover to her and a beautiful and erotic love story.

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