To Be Forewarned Is To Be Forearmed!

 Simple Truth| Here is a good enough warning – this video was posted on YouTube in 2014. What I was looking for here myself was not a talented speaker and not necessarily an educated speaker but simply a speaker that was doing his best to speak the truth as he sees it. In common sense terms, which is all a lot of us have to go on at the best of times, I’m sure that most people with common sense would agree that the news is looking pretty gloomy as we go into 2016. The news that is particularly dominant as we enter this new year is the economic news and the downturn in the markets.

A lot of us, if we were to be honest, don’t always understand the world of stocks and shares. In very very simple terms, we pick up on this news and we see all the arrows red red with warning and all the charts pointing downwards and we pick up on the spirit and the atmosphere of gloom and doom that come out of all of this news of late. We see also that this news is crossing both out of the alternative news sites and more and more into the mainstream news. The alternative news doesn’t always have the sound minded view and there tends to be a certain amount of imbalance there (depending upon which ones you listen to) whereas the mainstream news always come over as the sound minded (though stuffy) and still you have the serious imbalance: so just who do you listen to? Or better said: can people be blamed for looking more and more to the alternative news sites and simply doing their best to follow their instincts, to pray to God and follow their instincts as best inspired by God? I think all of us would like a parrot on our shoulders and a more clearer inner voice to listen to; of course we are all only so much spiritual and so much we are merely human and so we do our best so helping us God!ca51aefb4c0f401fb904919dd0b1922a


Well, all being said, and it’s not for me to say just who you should listen to but we all have to listen to someone and God willing, the voice of God and reason will come through in all of this. So things are looking bad economically speaking and it has to be said that each year that comes along there have always been people telling us that this year it’s going to be the big one and perhaps there are a lot of people that are sick of hearing this; there would even be a lot of people sick of hearing people refer to verses written in sacred pages telling us and warning us of coming cataclysms. One such warning would tell us that people in the last days (the days in which we are living) would do just this. They would say: “Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation” (2 Peter 3:4) So all of this talk of all things continuing as they were is also dangerous so we have to strike a balance here. A lot of people are also oblivious to these arguments but still, the facts remain in that, we have to strike a balance and be prepared as best we can for the days ahead.

Food suppliesIn the above video, the person speaking brings our attention to certain statistics. The statistics tell me that people are not prepared for even minor events, let alone catastrophic events, for instance, half the people in America don’t even have three days of food in their larders. I remember watching another video on YT confirming this point of view; just this point of view alone is a serious one; this would mean if for some reason or other your local superstore closed down and the same happened in every local area in the whole country, then it would take three days for half the country to run out of food so you can only imagine what would happen if 160 million people (half the country) ran out of food – there would be panic! I can only ask you here to think of this one small point and to at least hold this point in your mind and to take some sort of measures to at least have a months worth of food in your larder at all times and to expand upon this if you can. Trust, you will feel a lot more secure in the days ahead. Better still, pray about all of this and trust that God will bless your good efforts if you walk also with Him!


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