When Was the Crucifixion?

Posted by Karen

Note: I do not agree with the first part of this article that Jesus’ crucifixion was on a Wednesday as it is my belief that Jesus died on the preparation day (Thursday) of the Passover celebration (a high Sabbath), which was Friday, the day before the regular Sabbath.

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The current belief of when the Crucifixion took place is according to the calculation of a man named Sir Robert Anderson and was to have occurred in March of 33 AD. That is not possible as you will see further along.

It is very important to remember: Daniels prayer, to which this vision was an answer, DID NOT concern the number of days, but the number of years (Dan. 9:2) (In calculating all dates, it is best to use Jewish years and then when the calculations are done, then convert to Gregorian or the Julian dates).

The day on which Jesus was tried and crucified was “the preparation day of the Passover” (John 19:14). That is, it was notFriday the day before the weekly Sabbath but it was the day before the Passover of the Lord a Sabbath day (an annual Passover set down by…

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