Come Out From Among Them, And Be Ye Separate Saith The Lord


Simple Truth

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” These are the well-known words of astronaut Neil Armstrong who apparently landed and walked on the moon going back in the sixties. Of course these days there is much debate on the Internet as to whether man has or has not landed and walked on the moon: aside from this, there are others who are saying that man has landed and walked on planet Mars or even that he has walked on some distant star, there are of course others who are saying that he has not. Some are saying that man has discovered portals, black holes, and wormholes (out there) that can lead us or take us into other dimensions or parallel universes, or whatever they are apparently trying to break into (probably they are). “Apparently,” has become a big word to a lot of people these days; at least I imagine so. The problem we are all having, or perhaps we should be having, is just who and what do we listen to these days? When we consider whom do we listen to? Then it could be said that we are talking about people. When we consider what do we listen to? Then we have to consider this modern creation of the computer; the computer itself has so much to say these days and all the more it is, in a sense, conjuring up a mind of its own.

We think that it is up to us and those among us who are Christians; again the word “apparently” comes into play here as every apparent Christian would say “they are not all Christ’s which say they are Christ’s” and every real Christian would say “they are not all Christ’s which say they are Christ’s (just who do you believe?)” There appears to be one sure way out of all of this ‘apparently is and apparently it isn’t way of thinking’ and that is to take the more independent approach and to step out of the whole thing – “come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord.”

Our New Year’s resolution on this blog is to take a more independent approach to life’s problems and to the problems of doctrinal, spiritual or unspiritual, or even so-called spiritual or so-called getting messages from God or departed saints unity and disunity amongst both Christians and apparent Christians, and in that way bring about a better form of unity than we ever had before with others. Often the best approach to life is to have a live and let live approach. The strange irony here is that people get on better this way and no one gets to tread on anyone else’s toes (or at least they do it less). Also, you get to dance with whoever you like for as long as you like and as and when you like and they don’t have to dance with you if they don’t like or perhaps they do like – who knows – it of course takes two to tango don’t forget.

The Internet here has become a major platform for all kinds of entertainment and would-be preachers and teachers; lots of people are also pushing the boundaries on here. There are also many who are, in a sense, saying that they are taking small steps for a man and a giant leap for mankind in that they are taking us or launching us into another age of some form or other. Well, we don’t have to go with all of these people, do we, that’s of course assuming they are actually going to the moon and back. The problem we also have is that a lot of them are claiming that they are not only, in a sense, walking on the moon, Mars or other planets but that they are talking to other life forms there and even talking to God Himself there. The claims that these people are making are becoming more and more staggering, literally by the minute! It’s one thing to say “stop the world, I want to get off!” but you do find yourself on the other hand these days saying, “stop the Internet, I want to get off!” If the Internet keeps spinning at this rate, everyone’s going to get thrown off anyway!

In the book of Revelation we read of a woman who is given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness. A “…serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood” Revelation 12:15. The woman in this verse happens to be the true church, or in other words, the called out ones of Jesus. The serpent in this verse is the Devil and Satan; the water that he casts out of his mouth as a flood symbolises the lies that the Devil is using to try to get this woman going his way, he tries to get her carried away by the flood. The next verse, verse 16 says: “And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon (Devil) cast out of his mouth.” The earth opening her mouth and swallowing up the flood, we take to mean, that if the people of the world are swallowing all of these lies of the Devil, then it is a sure indication that they are indeed lies: seeing that the people of the world are swallowing these lies, then you conclude that they are helping you by proving to you that they are indeed lies. Jesus said, “Woe unto you, when all men speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets” Luke 6:26. We take this verse to mean that if you are in with the majority then you could be in with the wrong people. The safest people to be with is the One Person – Jesus. “The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe” Proverbs 18:10.

Well anyway, this woman who is given two wings of an eagle that she might fly into the wilderness finds herself in a place prepared of God that THEY should feed her there a thousand two hundred and three score days (3 ½ years). One of the most fascinating words in this verse is the word THEY. This word THEY begs the question: who are THEY that feeds this woman for 3 ½ years? In verse 14 of the same chapter it also talks of this women (the church) being nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, (3 ½ years) from the face of the serpent (the serpent won’t be able to see her in spite of the all-seeing-eye-society).

The whole point here is: survival in the days ahead will be those who come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord. Also, it has to be viewed that the ones who truly survive in the days ahead will be those who have aligned themselves with THEY who will feed the woman in the wilderness. We take the word THEY to mean; either THEY will be angels or THEY will be departed saints. It was a departed saint who Jesus Himself chose to use to give John the book of Revelation; it therefore appears to be reasonable to suggest that Jesus Himself has appointed certain departed saints and angels to work together with the End-Time Church. It is of great importance these days to seek to align ourselves with Jesus and His TRUE saints in the last days. These TRUE saints could very well be THEY who feed the woman in the wilderness who is hidden from the face of the serpent in the last days. Of course, this could also be viewed as a staggering claim and as taking a small step for a man and a giant leap for mankind. It could also be viewed as presumptuous even. At the least, it is not claiming to have come directly from a departed saint but on the other hand, it doesn’t need to make that claim because indeed it has come from a departed saint; it has come from the departed saint who spoke to John in the book of Revelation. It is written down for us all to read; it is no more written to us than it is to you so we hope these words don’t offend anybody but the push here is to bring about a greater spiritual unity and not disunity, so here we stand, so Help us God, we cannot do else!

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