So Sudden Will Be The Great Confusion!


shocking-newsSimple Truth| In a world where all the world is but a stage just who do you listen to anymore? Most of us do our best to understand the world around us and we all, for whatever reasons, try to conduct our affairs accordingly and we work out just what our act should or should not be. As Shakespeare said, “We all have our exits and our entrances”. The problem we have with this world stage of things is trying to work out just what the script is and who is walking and talking or not according to the script that they have been given. But what if you were trying to keep it all real and you don’t want to go along with these would-be-actors and players on the world stage? and what if you were surrounded by a world of people who are merely playing into the hands of these would-be-actors? Well, you might find yourself feeling pretty isolated and out of step with just about everyone around you whilst all along the problem remains as to just how do I get a grip on reality and the true perspective on what is really going on? And so here we all are, at least people who think and feel along these lines are, on the internet and on YouTube.

maxresdefaultBack in the sixties, most people would say it was all about peace and love but there was also another element to the sixties whereby people instinctively felt that something was wrong, something was not right with the plastic consumer society that had grown up all around them and so they found themselves tuning in to the more rebellious elements in society. These rebellious elements in society got their message across to others via a circular disk, this disk was simply called a record and people would play these records and tune in to the spirit of that age. The spirit of that age led to a great spiritual awakening and many people found themselves tuning into the very spiritual realities of life and to many people’s surprise, that spiritual reality of life and its awakening was coming from Jesus Himself. Jesus Himself was telling many many young people just what life was really all about, yes, life was all about love and should be all about peace but He also gave these people a warning of impending doom that was to come. One such warning came out of stockmarkets copywhat was called and still is called the famous Warning Prophecy given by Virginia Brandt Berg. Virginia Brandt Berg, it could be said, was a true medium to the spiritual dimension, or better said, she was a true medium who was in close communication with Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus of course died two thousand years ago and here He was talking to this woman in that she was woken up during the night and was told by Jesus to write down the now famous Warning Prophecy. This prophecy, telling the Children of God of a coming Great Confusion and also telling them to be prepared. She was told that this crisis would originate out of Memphis (Ancient capitol of Egypt). She wrote down So sudden will be the Great Confusion, that it will cause a mighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times. But be ye not deceived – BE PREPARED! And be not deceived by the Great Society, for it will come to travail, and then bring forth THE GREAT CONFUSION! Be Prepared! She was also told by Jesus that the storm clouds were already rolling in, that the skies are red red with warning, and black, black with clouds gathering for the GREAT CONFUSION which is almost upon you.

 And so with such like views in mind and with the mind of others who are also putting forward alternative views to that of the world around us, I found myself listening to this man who had his view put out there via X22Report on YT. I can’t say that he’s right about everything and I can’t also say that he’s wrong about everything either but there is one thing that he is most definitely and 100% right about and that is that we should be prepared. He also talks of political and economic storm clouds that are rolling in. He talks as a lot of others do on the internet these days of a coming imminent world political and economic crisis which is almost upon us and for great emphasis he, like Virginia Brandt Berg via Jesus, warns us to be prepared. So I think that the main positive message here is to BE PREPARED!

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