How Long (Have) You Been Waiting?


There are a lot of people these days who are finding themselves in a void-like state. Not only are they in a void-like state but they are also finding themselves in a confused state, and to add to this, they are finding themselves not knowing which way to turn. It is as if to these people, that there has been something missing in their lives for a long time and they don’t quite understand just what it is that has gone wrong and that is also going wrong. They might find this condition to be as an ongoing and reoccurring theme on a day to day basis. There are no-doubt times when they might feel that they have shaken these kind of feelings off and all seems well for a while but then comes back the reoccurring theme of a 10-lost-and-alonevoid-like state of emptiness and confusion and not knowing which way to turn. A lot of people have had these feelings all of their lives, a feeling that something is missing and nobody seems to understand or offer any realistic solutions. Another way of understanding these feelings is to explain these feelings as being an aching void deep down in the heart of so many these days and as a feeling of being disconnected and pushed out of so-called normal society, giving such people feelings of bewilderment and rejection and loneliness to add to their distressed state, this bringing them into feelings of anxiety and feelings of anxiousness. With some, this state has gone further down the road into feelings of being traumatised by the whole experience and the feeling that they just have to get away, although, they don’t quite understand what they are trying to get away from.

beingaloneNow this may read as deep and sorrowful thinking, but the truth is, the sad truth is, there are many here in today’s world finding themselves in this condition. A large part of this problem is bringing people out of this pit-like condition and into a realistic solution. I understand that you might not believe me when I present to you that your problem or problems could all boil down to a serious lack of spirituality in your life. There is a spiritual side to life and a lot of people have the view that spirituality is a mere mindless force or to do with extrasensory perception, spirits, and spirit worlds etc. In holding fast to such views, you could say that they are somewhat on the right track and somewhat pointing in the right direction, but many of us are finding that spirituality does not all boil down to some kind of mindless force. If spirituality were a mindless force then how could it offer any solutions to realistic problems? It is far better that we understand spirituality as being a person rather than not. If there is a spiritual solution to mankind’s problems then surely it has to come from a presentation being put forward by a person who is presenting you with solutions! Such a presentation or true presentation with complete understanding of your situation could only come from a person and not a mere force! Please take out of your mind any former possible misconceptions of spirituality and consider this point of view as being a realistic point of view as coming from thought and the possibility of such thinking as coming from a spiritual source, or better said, a spiritual personality, such a personality as being the Father of Spirits.

God the FatherMy whole point here is to introduce you to the very possibility and realistic reality that there is such a person who is the Father of Spirits; this person being God Himself who is a spirt. God who is a spirit is the very father of your spirt, your spirt is the very essence of who you are and what you are. God in a sense, has placed your spirt into flesh (your body) thus, you have a great need in your heart and in your spirit to become united with the very creator who created you and who already knows you, so much so, that He knows all about you and understands your every need. This is the person who you have been looking for all of your life. Now please consider this further; the very personification of God Himself is the Son of God Himself, the Son of God whom the world knows of as having the name Jesus. There are many many many misconceptions attached to the name of Jesus. Jesus came into this world with the sole purpose of showing God to the world. He came to show us what God was like in every aspect of His life. He grew up in a family as we do and for thirty years of His life He lived as we live, He mixed with people as we do, He understood all of the problems as we do, all of the insecurities, the hopes, the fears, the heartbreak and the hurt, the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows, the issues and the confusion about the issues and so His life changed at the age of thirty, when Holy SpiritHis ministry began. Jesus came as if out of complete obscurity and as out of being just an everyday man and as being transformed overnight via the very Spirit of God. His life from that moment onward would have a spiritual touch that would reach out to all, and anyone who met Jesus (and still does) would be touched. Not merely touched in a physical sense but would be touched so much more than this, in that He would reach deep down into people’s hearts and would cure their void-like condition and inner anxiety and pain of heart. He would present them with a realistic spiritual solution to their void-like state, to their confusion and their emptiness and feelings of rejection, so much so, that many lives were transformed and are still transformed to this day.

At this point, I would like to ask you to consider Jesus, the very Son of God, as being a realistic solution to your inner-pain and inner-hurt, to your void-like state, to your confusion, to your not knowing which way or who to turn to and to your great need for love and security and a feeling of worth and to your longing for purpose to your existence, to your life, to your very spirit, that real you that dwells within your body, to your inner-self and to the child that has never stopped crying since the day that you were born here. Please believe me when I say, when I simply repeat the words of Jesus, that He says that He knows you, that His sheep hear His voice and He knows them and they follow Him. If you in any way sense or feel that there is something in these words, if you in any way feel that Jesus is in these words, that there is a spiritual reality to these words, then please reach out to Jesus as if reaching out to Him with the arm and the hand of your spirit. Take Jesus into your heart, take only His words into your heart, take His love into your heart, take His cure into your heart, take Jesus into your heart as being the great physician who alone can mend your broken heart.

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2 Responses to How Long (Have) You Been Waiting?

  1. That was a really beautiful article and I’m sure many people are going to stumble across it and get a lot out of it. I hope Jesus will mend my broken heart one day. I have received Jesus as my Saviour but am still waiting for him to mend my heart, it’s just been a difficult few years for me and my prayer has been for God to heal my broken heart. I guess I read this article seeking that spirituality and connection with Jesus so that he can mend my broken heart. If you folks feel led to pray for me, I would definitely welcome any prayer. I really need prayer for healing (emotional, mental and physical) and for the peace of God. God bless you folks and thanks for sharing the article.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I once memorised a poem out of George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty -Four” book, I just simply liked the poem. “They say that time heals all things, they say you can always forget, but the smiles and the tears across the years, they twist my heart strings yet.” Jesus said that we would have tribulation in the world but one thing that we find in all of this tribulation is that life still has it’s moments. These moments come when we are totally connected to Jesus and others around us at given times. Thanks for your continued interest in our blog and for re-blogging, have read also your other comments here too and have taken them to heart, Thank you. Praise Jesus – we’ll certainly pray for you – Stay strong! Terry & Karen


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