The Mystery Of Iniquity At Work In Our Skies!


Simple Truth

The race is on to find out what is going on in our skies. Many people are looking up into the skies and witnessing strange cloud formations and long trails that are left by jets that spread out and cover the whole skies. This has been going on for many years now. Somewhere in the world and in all parts of the world and on a day to day basis there are people witnessing jets overhead that are leaving long white trails that both spread out and form strange cloud formations; either the clouds spread out, take on an odious texture or they appear as having a rippling effect. Whatever is going on up there, and at a lower level as a man in the street, whoever you are and wherever you are, then you can look up and see all this for yourselves. All being said, there are many people offering all kinds of explanations as to what is going on in our skies in regard to what can only be described as a massive program that is being played out before our very eyes. There appears to be a definite goal in mind and can anyone say that they have reached that goal? I cannot say! Would it be fair to say that the whole thing is at it’s experimental stage? – More than likely it has moved on from it’s infancy as a mere experiment and is now close to it’s maturity, whatever that may be!

haarpsantiagochileweathermodificationcapturedoncameraThere is a lot of money being spent on all of this and clearly a small group of people have taken it upon themselves to dominate the skies as to whether the sun will shine or not and as to whether there is a good day or not. At this lower level and as something that you can actually witness with your own eyes, you would surely have to agree that this is a great evil! There are seven billion people on this planet and God Himself made what is called the greater light to rule our day (the sun) and the lesser light to rule the night (the moon), He made the stars also – He did all of this on the fourth day of creation and He created it all for all of us! Should a few people take it upon themselves to interfere with the natural order as created by God Himself? Even on this lower level of interfering with what God Himself called a day, then you would have to surely agree and call this an absolute act of defiance against creation and against God who created what we all call day and to interfere with the natural course of the Heavens as God created them then you can only conclude that there is a diabolical crime being committed here against both God and humanity.

People really do need to do their best to open their eyes and look up and see all of this for themselves by simply looking  up and observing the skies. I can’t say this woman is right here in this video below and I can’t say she is wrong either but clearly, what is going on in our skies is on the level of what the Bible calls the “Mystery of iniquity”(the Devil at work). Decisions being made on this scale could have only come out of the pit of hell. You should believe your own eyes as to what you can see for yourself and see what they are doing to our weather and to our world.

This whole thing, judging by the scale of it, appears to be larger than life itself, it is trying 320px-haarp20lto be larger than God Himself and it certainly has a low regard for ourselves. It is like a monster that is taking on and growing in monstrous proportions! Should they be left to their own devises then you can only foresee the ruin of us all, the ruin of our days, the ruin of our skies, and if they further have their way they could very well be the ruin of the whole universe and that’s no lie. (By Terry Lane).

HAARP, Weather Warfare & Full Spectrum Dominance With Elana Freeland

HAARP weather warfare, chemtrails, and the meaning of full spectrum dominance is explored with author Elana Freeland. How Project Cloverleaf has evolved into disaster capitalism, and how Artificial Intelligence and transhumanism are part of the plot to maintain the hive mind of humanity is illuminated. From the space fence and ionosphere, to the atmosphere’s wave grid that can be utilized for humanity’s oppression and liberation–look to the heavens on this Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone.

Over the years, Elana Freeland has been a Waldorf school pioneer, teacher, lecturer, storyteller, and writer. She has written for alternative publications, edited the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA and ritual abuse, and ghostwritten books on diverse topics. Her second major in college was biology. In 1996, she was awarded a Master of Arts in Great Books and honors for her thesis on historiography at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Freeland has self-published a fictional American history series called Sub Rosa America about the “deep politics” behind the downfall of the United States since John F. Kennedy’s assassination.
In June 2014, Feral House Books released Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, the book that connects how the chemical aerosols whiting out our skies and ionospheric heaters around the world work together to assure seven major military operations of global control.
In October 2014, the Australian magazine Nexus published her article on invasive electromagnetic weapons, and now she has begun the sequel to Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth about the next operation to be served by global chemtrails-ionospheric heater technology: the Space Fence, a world Smart Grid enabled by the ionized atmosphere we now breathe. Inside the electromagnetic lockdown of the Space Fence, humanity is to be neurologically herded toward a Transhumanist future.
Freeland now lives in Olympia, Washington.

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