You Have To Hear This Man! Warning To America.

Simple Truth| The real truth is that the truth should never be dressed up. There are too many people these days that are ultra concerned about appearance and about dressing the truth up. Here’s a man who we admire, purely for his honesty and for the simple fact that he is not dressing the truth up and is willing to go alone with the truth.

When we meet and greet each other these days, what we should see in each other is what we should get; too many people are telling us that Jesus is this way, that Jesus is that way, that Jesus is every other way but the true way. The real truth is that Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday. He is no respecter of persons; He knows what is in man; He knows what is in all of us and He is still one of us; He was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin and He overcame sin for US.

Why dish yourself up as some kind of fantasy, fantasied, good-old Christian wish-wash, slip-slop, slap-dash, NO ONE’S GOT TIME FOR ANYONE ANYMORE other than the worldly man-pleasing worldlianity type of Christianity! The best truth is to hell-with-it-all! Take me or leave me (I get all this from this man here!) – take me or leave me alone – take me or leave me to go it alone! If you don’t want ME, or better said, JESUS IN ME, then that makes two of us. I don’t want me either, but if you don’t want Jesus in me then leave me alone with Jesus – All we ever need is Jesus!

Yes, I in reality need you and life would be lonely without all of the YOUs that there are out there but without Jesus it’s all nothing and you’re ALL nothing and we’re ALL NOTHING WITHOUT JESUS! Take HIM or leave HIM, take HIM or leave us all alone with HIM!

All being said – Isn’t it nice to know that there are other lone-wolves out there who have also felt the great need to go it alone – IF NEED BE! As it was for Jesus – He went it alone and died alone for the sins of the whole world!

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2 Responses to You Have To Hear This Man! Warning To America.

  1. “Worldlianity” wow what a cool new word! Indeed people are more isolated and yet more content with their destitution than they have ever been. How wonderful it is to know Love and the Spirit of Love. Knowing you are here witnessing up a storm on the web comforts me to know end, dear Terry and Karen! Let’s abandon all false fronts and continue to live for Him by faith!

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  2. Simple Truth says:

    All of us lone wolves get to sniff each other out, we pick up on each others trail and we follow that trail and see where it takes us, so it is important that we all leave a good trail and that it all leads to somewhere good. A wise man once said, or better said, he portrayed the Holy Ghost or likened the Holy Ghost to being the hound of Heaven. The hound of Heaven or Holy Spirit will in this same sense, hunt us all out. Jesus said He would never leave us nor forsake us and He that have begun a good work in us will complete it till the end. There is no escaping the hound of Heaven and thank God the hound of Heaven stays on our trail and is always there to seek us out and hunt us down and to guide us into ALL TRUTH. We all have our moments as Martin Luther did when he said, “Here I stand, I cannot do else.” We are lone wolves and the hound of Heaven and Jesus Himself who sent Her is our best friend. Stay strong in Jesus!


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