Are We Headed for an Alien Invasion? – Part 1

There is one sure way to discredit your blog and that is to ask questions such as this (above title) and you could very well and most definitely discredit your blog if you go on to say that even Jesus says that we are headed for some kind of an alien invasion. The word “Alien” according to the oxford dictionary simply means: Belonging to a foreign country or supposedly from another world (another dimension); extra-terrestrial etc.

There is one definite account in the book of Revelation of a man called John who had an encounter with an angel, or in other words, a messenger from another world who was sent by Jesus Himself to John. This messenger sent to John, speaking of himself to John said, “I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren the prophets” (Revelation 22:9). What this angel or messenger was saying here was that he is a departed saint who was once of John’s brethren, his brethren being one of the prophets of the past. So in this sense, he wasn’t so much of an alien, he was human but was now living in another plane of existence in the spiritual dimension and not so much amongst the cosmos.

writing-bible-scrollThe role of this messenger sent by Jesus Himself was simply as it says, to give John a message that had come from Jesus. Simply put, Jesus had sent this angel with a message that He (Jesus) wanted to get across to mankind as a whole. John was specifically told to write this message in a book. It was first sent to the seven groups of believers that were associated with John and it has also been recorded for the reading of future generations. These future generations would be way in the future of the generations that first read what is now called the book of Revelation given to John via Jesus and this departed saint.

We are now getting on for up to two thousand years since John first recorded this message. It’s fair to say that many generations up to this day have felt or believed that many of the prophecies written in the book of Revelation were for their day, particularly when you are talking about the second coming of Jesus. Even St Paul had the same problem in his day; the Christians back then were talking about the imminent return of Jesus coming in their day but St Paul made it very clear to them that something else has to happen first before Jesus would return and that something that has to happen first would be the imminent coming of a so-called great one, or as he put it, a man of sin who has to be revealed.

antichristThis man of sin that has to be revealed will assume himself to be as God, he will sit in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God; he will exalt himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped (2 Thessalonians 2:3,4). Note here that he sits in a temple: most temples are built in association with matters pertaining to a god or God Himself, they are usually places of worship, or in other words, they allude to being God’s house, housing a spiritual presence of God. But this man of sin will be different in that he will be (apparently of course) the literal physical manifestation of a god, in other words, he will come as Jesus came and will be made flesh as Jesus was made flesh.

John in one of his epistles wrote, those that deny that Jesus came in the flesh are antichrist (2 John 1:7). So this man of sin will be assumed by many to be Christ, or in other words, the “Anointed One” in the flesh who has now come. The messenger sent by Jesus also spoke of this man of sin when he spoke of a dragon (symbolising the Devil) who would give this man of sin his seat (in the temple), his power and great authority. This angel also gives John another vivid glimpse into the future when he shows John in a vision a great war that is to take place in Heaven.

Satan the accuserThe Devil has a certain amount of influence to this day in the Heavens; you could say that in Heaven, or in other words, in God’s Kingdom there are courts just like here on earth we have courts of justice; God has these courts too and the Devil has access into these courts as a kind of a persecutor and accuser of the saints. The Devil likes to claim territory over us, this being dependent on our choices; if we make the wrong choice then the Devil will gain territory in our lives and so in this same sense, the Devil will accuse the saints to God’s face and take ownership or leadership in that area of our lives. Jesus is in the same court you could say, and He is our defendant in that He defends us and puts a more fair minded and merciful view on our case; and so they battle it out, prosecutor, the Devil, defendant, Jesus, and God the wise judge.

The whole battle there in the courts of Heaven is all about territory, that territory being our hearts, our minds, our spirits, and even our bodies. Basically, the Devil wants to own us all, mind, body, and soul! Now that should scare anyone: to think that there is an actual living personality out there in some other realm who wishes to battle it out with God in order to take full possession of us all on an individual level, owning us all – depending on our choices – mind, heart, body, and soul. To achieve this goal of owning us, mind, body, heart, and soul, this same messenger points out to John in a vision: he shows John in a vision the same dragon drawing down or pulling down a third part of the stars in Heaven, this meaning that the Devil has persuaded one third of the angels (messengers) over to his cause; his cause being and his prime objective being to persuade mankind to join forces with him and to submit themselves to him, mind, body, heart, and soul. The assumption being that he is now God and we are now his loyal subjects.

Great war in heavenThe same vision progresses onward and it was revealed to John that a great war takes place in Heaven, or it could be viewed as one great kingdom, the Kingdom of God against another somewhat great kingdom, the kingdom of the Devil. So obviously, this is a very very serious battle and if you like, it is an astronomical battle of immense proportion and larger than this, it is a climatic battle in that we are really talking here of the very war of the worlds and a monstrous battle that the Devil is going to lose in Heaven! This battle in Heaven will be largely dependent upon the sorry state of mankind.

In the book of Daniel, we are again told of a man of sin that will stand up. This man of sin is described here as a king of fierce countenance which is to stand up; he will be a king that understands dark sentences, in other words, he will be the man of sin; his dark sentences that he understands will come from the Devil himself; he will be in direct communication with the Devil himself. His power will be mighty but not in his own power; his power will come from the Devil himself. He will stand up in the territory that we have prepared him to stand up in, in that the transgressors, or in other words, mankind’s sins against God have come to the full (Daniel 8:23,24).

So the Devil loses this war in Heaven; Michael and his angels defeat the Devil and his angels and they are then cast out into the earth, both the Devil and his angels are cast out into the earth. Don’t forget, we are talking one third of God’s angels here that are cast out into the earth: the Devil was the anointed cherub who is now over these angels who are cast out of Heaven completely now.

Angels around God's throneIn another vision given to St John via this messenger, we see through John’s writings a vision of literally millions of angels. To quote John’s own words: “And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne (of God)…and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands” (Revelation 5:11). So literally, there are millions and millions of God’s angels, so if you consider that the Devil has a third of God’s angels, then we are also talking in the millions and all of these angels of the Devil, plus the Devil himself are to be cast out into the earth. The vision goes on to say that at the point of the Devil and his angels being cast out into the earth, there is a loud proclamation made in Heaven saying, “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the Devil has come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” (Revelation 12:12).

So the Devil lost this great war in Heaven and now he has another great war on his hands; he knows of the great plans of God for mankind and he wishes to defeat this great plan of God and he knows in particular, that he has three and a half years to defeat all of God’s plans and purposes that He has always had for this earth. So all being said, here we have a great insight given to us by Jesus Himself, talking of an imminent invasion into this earth. It will be both an invasion orchestrated by the Devil himself and mandated by God Himself; God Himself will mandate and appoint the Devil and his angels to come down to mankind himself as requested by his own choices and free will.

To be continued…

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