The Lord Engineers Everything!

The Lord encineers everything

He’s got the whole World to think about and all the things that He’s working on and all the keys He’s punching and all the information He’s feeding into His computer, and everything is ultimately going the direction He wants it to go! Everything is planned, everything is ordered, “in decency and in order”! (1Cor.14:40) Everything is controlled–under perfect control–and nothing can happen without His Will! He is in control! Whatever happens is what ought to happen, or what God allows to happen for a reason!

The Lord has purposes for everything, and reasons behind even our trials and afflictions, and “ALL things work together for good to them that love the Lord!” (Rom.8:28) So everything that happens is God’s Will in some way or the other! Everything’s in His hands and nothing happens without His Will, especially to His children whom He loves and to whom He wants to be good.

Thank You Lord that You always work everything out for our good, because we love You and You love us, and You’ve promised to, Lord, so we thank You for it. Often times You even turn things that seem to be bad into good, and it all works out. Hallelujah!


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4 Responses to The Lord Engineers Everything!

  1. Beautiful, just what I needed during this hectic time! Glad to see that God is at the Mega Computer!


  2. Simple Truth says:

    Yeah, we all need to hold onto that thought, that the Lord is in perfect control of everything, even when it doesn’t feel like it. There is nothing for us to worry about, nothing to make us feel afraid, nothing to make us doubt, our God has never failed so let’s all trust Him and shout, we’ll be glad that we trusted Him tomorrow! – Praise Jesus!


  3. Halllllllllellujah! He’s over us and we need to just stay close to Him, it’s so simple. . . The Simple Truth!


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