Further To Endtime Scenarios


Simple Truth| When you think of the signs of Jesus’ coming, or in other words, the signs that we are to look out for that tell us His return is soon and imminent, it could be assumed and I think it should be assumed that all of these signs add up to the sorry state we will have all got ourselves into without God. One major sign would be the “abomination of desolation” spoken of by Daniel the prophet, this telling us of the greatest idol ever built by mankind.

This greatest idol ever built by mankind, sad to say, will be created in the image of the worst person that has ever walked this earth, that person being the son of the Devil himself who is diametrically opposed to the Son of God Himself. The son of the Devil being the worst delusive freak to have ever set foot on planet earth. This freak will actually believe that he is the very Son of God. The wires being clearly crossed in his mind in that he thinks he’s onto the most high, whereas clearly, he’s onto the Devil the most low and he’s putting mankind on the same track. I mean, who else (mankind?), other than the Devil himself could have the audacity to think that he could in any way be God himself?

It is of course he that inspired mankind to make this image unto the beast so you do find yourself wondering just what we are dealing with here. Looking at it logically you might ask: just how big does this freak think that he is? He seems to have been created with some kind of strange access into everything; he seems to have his thumb in every pie. He had his thumb in the Garden of Eden, he’s had his thumb in every great world empire that’s ever been, he’s had and still has his thumb in every person’s life to this day. He’s also got his thumb in Heaven and in the courts of Heaven.

Clearly, when Jesus came back to life as from the dead, He declared to His twelve disciples and to all of us (as it’s written down for us via them) that all power in Heaven and in earth has been given into His (Jesus) hands whereas, the man of sin will choose, via the power given to him from the Devil, to believe that all power has been given into his hands. So clearly, we have an incredibly bizarre situation here in that there is a person existing in this universe and out of this universe, in this earth and out of this earth, running around everywhere, gaining more and more support both in earth and out of earth; the object being the overthrow of God Himself and the leadership and ownership of the earth itself.

What makes him think that he can pack a big enough punch in order to overthrow the King of Kings Himself, to somehow dethrone the True King of this world and then set himself up on the throne of the whole world? Every country, person, mountain, volcano, island, seven seas, the sun, the moon, and the stars, the skies above and everything here all being subject unto him and not being subject unto God. This is what people need to wake up to! We are dealing with incredibly powerful personalities here, we are dealing with a major power grab, there is somebody out there, outside of this material dimension who is gaining more and more power and access to this dimension and anything here that is classified as being a power. That power being the earth’s resources, this including powerful forces like volcano’s, earthquakes, hurricanes, the weather, and the earth’s command structures.

All of this is going over and into the hands of the Devil himself. Do we really want a world where even every volcano, every potential earthquake and the weather, as mad as it sounds, is actually owned by the Devil himself to do with as he wills? This might read as ludicrous to the average person but if this is to be believed, that there is such a person as the Devil himself, then it has to be believed that the Devil himself and his prime objective, is rulership and ownership of this whole world; sun, stars, planets, the lot! – (All power in heaven and earth)

The Devil wishes to present himself as the “great and one and only” and saviour of this whole world. All he needs now is to somehow or other, get it into the minds and hearts of the people of the world to look to him as their saviour and then for them to set him up as their king and saviour of the whole world. All he needs now is an end of age scenario. He needs to bring mankind into a sorry state: that mankind will be sorry for all of it’s sins of the past; that mankind will see the great error of his ways in trying to live life without him. Mankind will need to be woken up to the sad fact that this earth can no longer continue on its present course, that even its place in the whole universe has become weighed in the balances; that his own arm cannot save him. He needs the arm of the “great one” to come in and save him.

All we need now is for everything to kick-off, for some kind of end of the world scenario to kick-off, something big and astronomical, something major and cataclysmic so as to bring us into great confusion. Where is this all going? – “His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” This clearly talking about Jesus in our mind but the man of sin and delusion thinks it’s all talking about him! Be prepared and be not deceived by this great society, for it shall come to travail and then bring forth the Great Confusion!


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