Spiritual Magnetism – Mind – Heart – Spirit

Please bare with me in this video. In this life we all have our struggles: some are struggling with a lost cause, some are struggling to find spirituality, some have found true spirituality and their struggle is to stay in this true spirituality. On this note, as a person who finds the same struggle that a lot of others are finding, in that they too have found the true spiritual reality of life in Jesus and struggle with this, my hope here in this video this that you will bear with me in my struggle to get the true message of love and life and true spirituality across to others, this being the great unity of mind with mind, heart with heart and spirit with spirit with both God and His Son Jesus and each other – this being the true purpose of life – that we love God with all of our hearts, all of our minds and all of our spirits and that we all become one with God, with Jesus, and with each other in this self-same spirit of Love.

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