Chemtrails – The Spirit That Now Worketh In The Children Of Disobedience

There is a great project going on in OUR skies these days. This great project has been initiated by Lucifer himself and friends that have joined with him. There are people on this earth who choose to believe that they have been given god like powers. If a group of people collaborated together with the sole purpose of taking leadership and ownership over the very skies that we all live under, then it would be reasonable to suggest that such people have assumed the role of gods over the skies and gods over the whole earth.

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2 Responses to Chemtrails – The Spirit That Now Worketh In The Children Of Disobedience

  1. Nice post. I’m tired of having this garbage sprayed in my skies, I see them doing it all the time. Many investigators have linked the chemtrails to dangerous chemicals and poisons. It’s all part of dumbing down the population and making them sick. A dumb and sick population is easy to control.


  2. Simple Truth says:

    The powers that be have got us all wrapped up in the cares of this life and the deceitfulness of riches and yes, as you have said, along with this they have thrown in ill health for good measure.
    Going back to the days of Adam and Eve the Devil downgraded mankind and so we from then on realised a new struggle, the struggle for health and well-being. The sad fact is that this struggle for health and well-being has become our preoccupation. The Devil has narrowed down our world into a mere physical struggle, whilst he and his have the whole playing field. The Devil and his don’t want us to ever find out just who and what we really are, they wish to keep us all blind through our everyday struggle with health issues and day to day living issues. They keep us all wrapped up in a mere physical survival and not a spiritual survival.
    The real truth is that we are all living souls. The word soul means body and spirit. We were created as living souls as having life when God breathed both spiritual air and physical air into Adam’s nostrils. In this self same sense, we need both spiritual air and physical air. The Devil has taken away the spiritual and pure air of life and has in this same sense polluted the very air we all breath. The Devil hates mankind with a vengeance, he hates us because we were created in the image of God and so he, in this self same sense, assumes the role of prince of the power of the air.

    We all need to step out of our mere physical preoccupation with health and earthly well-being and step out into the spirit and our spiritual well-being – this is the true purpose of life and the true struggle of life and it is this that they don’t want us all to ever discover and ever find out – THAT WE ARE SO MUCH MORE.

    Stay strong in Jesus.
    Praise Jesus.


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