The Shemitah

Running up to September 13th 2015 there has been a lot of fuss on the Internet regarding what is called the Shemitah. Not many people had heard of the Shemitah until Johnathan Cahn came along and brought it to people’s attention. In short, “Shemitah” appears to mean that according to the laws of Moses and how he ran his nation under God, it was law that every seventh year was a Shemitah year and at the end of that Shemitah year everyone in the nation had to write off all dept. Johnathn Cahn has presented to the world, particularly to America, a point of view stating that the Shemitah is still in effect to this day and bringing it to people’s attention that America was once a nation under God, and in this same sense, under God and therefore under the Bible. So America is supposed to look to the Bible for guidance, although there is an argument out there that we are no longer under the strict laws of Moses and therefore the letter of the law but instead, we are more under the Love and Grace of the New Testament, brought to us through Jesus and His love sacrifice. Jesus Brought us more into love and set us free from trying to love without Him and in this same sense, people would try to keep the laws of Moses, only to find that they were not able to without Jesus. Aside from this, there is a clear statement that all those things that happened in the Old Testament, happened unto them for examples and are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come.

Possibly, putting what Johnathan Cahn has said in a better context, we are to look at the Shemitah as being an example and to see the principle behind the Shemitah and not so much the letter of the law of the Shemitah. It’s the principle that is more important than the law. Johnathan Cahn has stated that in 2008 at the end of the Shemitah year, God judged America by bringing about a major downslide in the stock markets on Elul 29 – (Elul 29 is the last day of the Jewish calendar). He also stated that there was another major downslide in the stock markets in 2001 (after 9-11). These financial downslides throughout history, he says, have largely happened in Shemith years and particularly on Elul 29. It is because of the dramatic downslide on the last two occasions and the precise timing of those last two occasions that everyone had the expectation that it was highly likely that there would be a major financial crash in the stock markets yet again on Elul 29, this leading us into a major worldwide economic crash. Further to this, Johnathan Cahn stated that there would be a major shaking coming due to the sinful and unrepentant state, particularly of America; that because America has become more and more rebellious and defiant against God, God would judge America, particularly through the Shemitah. September 13th came and went and nothing of this magnitude appears to have happened, although Johnathan Cahn did state that God is not necessarily bound by set days like Elul 29.

There is an interesting side to all of this, which brings into light another very important verse in the New Testament where it talks of people who might have a pretentious belief in Jesus or perhaps they have a more realistic and balanced belief in Jesus. St Paul once stated that whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached. You could also say, whether in pretence or truth, certain principles are preached. The real key to understanding the Shemitah and the real principle behind it and even God’s mercy behind it, appears to be that God is extremely against debt and against debt based societies. If my understanding is correct and I’m now to imagine that I am living in the days of Moses, and I understand also the law of the Shemitah that after seven years I am to forgive all debt, then I would surely arrive at the conclusion that I wouldn’t want to lend out too much money during the seven year cycle. What kind of fool would I be to lend out large sums of money to people who I knew wouldn’t be able to pay it back by the time the seventh year (Elul 29) came because I would know that on the seventh year that God has commanded that all debt be forgiven and written off, so as to stamp out debt based societies.

The picture you get from Johnathan Cahn’s ministry is that many important people have now heard of the Shemitah but you do wonder what they make of the underlying principle behind the Shemitah; that principle being that God is highly and extremely against debt based societies. You find yourself thinking that surely these clever people at the top have perhaps grasped this principle and have grasped this fact that God is against debt based societies; this leaving them in something of a moral dilemma as to what they propose to do about all of this lending and forgiving debt. It doesn’t take much to figure out that they will do absolutely nothing about it! The people at the top have no morals and do not in any way fear God!

You do worry about the everyday man who has heard of the Shemitah, whether they believe it or not, that this underlying principle of what the Shemitah was about in the Old Testament has been overlooked. You do also find yourself worrying about Johnathan Cahn, in that he hasn’t put enough emphasis on this major point of what the Shemitah was all about. Shouldn’t we all look back at the days of Moses and see that all these things happened unto them for examples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come. Personally, I think that the Shemitah and the principle behind it should be pointed more at the rich and powerful and the elite as it is they who should be forgiving all debt. It wouldn’t surprise you that if they forgave all debt, that they would still have trillions left over to play with and lets face it: what do they do with all of their money? They just play games with our lives and turn us all into debt slaves! They should observe the underlying principle of the Shemitah and do as God says and write off all debt; they should not crash the stock markets and bring us all further into debt. So just who is crashing the stock markets? Is it God or is it them?

*As an after note: let’s imagine that the stock markets did crash on Elul 29 (September 13th 2015) – you would have to say that this might frighten the elite. The elite’s trump card is to tell us that there is no God; if the stock markets did crash on Elul 29 as Johnathan Cahn stated, then the world might have chosen to believe that there is a God and it might have dawned on them that God is against debt based societies. If you were the elite, wouldn’t you go all out to make sure that the stock markets didn’t crash on that date as this might give their game away, so to speak!

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