The Whole Plan Of God Is Built On Free Will

Tunnel of God's will

The whole plan of God is built on free will, within certain limitations.

The name of the game, this whole game of life, is choices, constant choices! God sets choices before us all the time and then lets us make our own decisions and operate within certain bounds.

God’s Will is sort of like a tunnel. It confines us and restricts us to a certain area of movement and possibility. He keeps us within certain boundaries and limitations, but which way we go in the tunnel–left or right or up or down–depends a lot on us and our choice. There’s a certain leeway and allowance for variations of choice in the Will of God as long as it stays within the bounds which He has set. And though we are allowed to find our way through the tunnel any way we wish, we should be making progress with each step and not going backward.

The tunnel always leads in the right direction! It always has a goal! And of course there’s always the best even within the tunnel! When we yield to the Lord and let our choices be His choices, pleasing the Lord, delighting ourselves in Him, then we go His direction in the centre of His Will, following that light at the other end of the tunnel! Thank You Jesus!


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4 Responses to The Whole Plan Of God Is Built On Free Will

  1. Very challenging article to read. I made many mistakes in my Christian walk and walked out of God’s will at one stage. All I can do is try and walk in God’s will and learn from past mistakes.


  2. Simple Truth says:

    We all make mistakes and will continue to make them over and over, it’s all part of the learning process here and none of us are any different. We have a loving, merciful, and long-suffering God though who will never give up on us. Keep going for God – He loves you and He needs you! Praise Jesus!


  3. Thanks guys and God bless you. I’m really enjoying your website. I don’t get much fellowship and most of my fellowship is online (I guess I’m part of the techno youth generation who grew up with computers and gadgets all their lives). It’s always great to be encouraged by you folks. I just came back from a walk actually and was praying to God about making so many mistakes in the past and asking him for forgiveness. I really believe God has used you folks to help me see God’s mercy and to encourage me to continue on in my faith. God bless and thanks again guys.


  4. Simple Truth says:

    It’s encouraging to know that this blog is helping someone. Thank You Jesus!


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