Turn Your Eyes Towards Memphis (Egypt)

Warning Prophecy of The Great Confusion, given in 1965

The above prophecy was given to a woman (Virginia Brandt Berg) in 1965. We are told that she was awoken out of sound sleep by Jesus Himself and told to write down these very words. These very words warn us, as coming from Jesus, of an imminent coming Great Confusion. Of a Great Confusion, that would be set in motion, via unseen forces, and particularly coming from or as out of Memphis; Memphis as being the Ancient capital of Egypt and not Memphis Tennessee in America. If I told you to turn your eyes towards Memphis in Egypt then you might find yourself looking into the history of the Ancient capital of Egypt, that capital being Memphis itself. Memphis, we are told by the history books, was the ancient capital of Egypt. A man called Menes united the north and south of Egypt and made Memphis it’s capital. Menes was the first king of Egypt and out of Menes came a whole lineage of kings or Pharaohs. These kings and pharaohs would span into the next three thousand years and would be the dynasties that ruled Egypt, this being the physical history of Memphis and the pharaohs. The spiritual history of Memphis would tell us that these kings or pharaohs assumed the role of gods on earth. Each pharaoh was a kind of a god and mediator for the actual gods of his day, so we appear to be told to turn our eyes towards Memphis and to put Memphis in a more modern day setting of the modern day Egypt and to look at this spiritually, as looking at it through the eyes of the past.

Looking at the words in the prophecy spiritually, out of Memphis or modern day Egypt will come the Great Confusion. Now we know that this confusion that the prophecy is talking about is by design rather than by chance because the words of the prophecy talk of an author of confusion, this author of confusion is to be viewed as being in a spiritual setting as well a physical setting; the spiritual place of this setting as coming from the spiritual dimension, and as coming from Lucifer himself. The physical setting as coming from the son of Lucifer himself who will in the same sense, be like the ancient pharaohs of Memphis Egypt in that he too will be like a god on earth and will mediate via Lucifer himself, he being the son of Lucifer himself and as coming out of modern day Egypt. So these two, operating together as one, will be the author of the coming Great Confusion. It is they, working together as one, that will gather their forces, or in other words, his forces, from a great nation (Russia?) and eastern nations (Asia), friends that will join with him (The Antichrist). These friends that will join with him are of the same mind-set as he (secret societies operating in high places) and between them all are plotting and planning the coming Great Confusion and when the time is right for them, this whole thing will be put into play as coming upon the world suddenly. When the time is right, after all the plotting, planning, gathering and even marshalling of his forces, they will suddenly throw the whole world into Great Confusion. We are told also of a great society that goes into travail as a result of all of this planning, gathering and marshalling that then brings forth, or gives birth to, this Great Confusion. We are further told to BE PREPARED and to be not deceived by this Great Society (Capitalism & Materialism). The great society that we shouldn’t be deceived by appears to be America as she appears to be too big or too great to fail, or in other words, to go into travail and then into Great Confusion.

We are told by this prophecy not to be deceived, or in other words, we are told not to be lulled into a false sense of security. We are being told here to be prepared both spiritually and physically. Spiritually would mean that Jesus is our refuge and strength and NOT the Great Society. We should be prepared physically for the coming Great Confusion as people interpret this as being a time of hardship and insecurity and more than likely it is the long foretold global economic meltdown and crash. If we look at the world today, we see a world that is already in travail, in other words, the world goes from confusion to more confusion as it goes into the birth pangs of bringing forth an even greater confusion. We have the most confused society ever, and unless we all get back to God, then the birth pangs of confusion and more confusion will finally give birth to the GREAT CONFUSION as prophesied as long ago as 1965. Countries like America are showing no signs of changing but are showing signs of going into greater and greater confusion. In spite of this, we as individuals, or as collectively as is possible, can offer pockets of resistance in trusting in Jesus as being our sure refuge and strength, as being the name of the Lord whom is our strong tower and strength. “The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.” (Proverbs 18:10) Put your trust in Him!

As an after note, you might be interested to know that in Daniel Chapter 8:9 it talks of a little horn coming forth, which waxed exceeding great, towards the south, and towards the east, and towards the pleasant land. Now if Egypt could be that kingdom from which the little horn is to spring, lets see if the description of the three directions of it’s expansion or “waxing” fits. Egypt has lots of room for expansion towards the “south”- the whole continent of Africa; “towards the east” – lots of room for growth towards Asia; and “toward” the pleasant land, which is Israel.

Hopefully, this video will come across as sounding the alarm as coming from a sure prophesy, as opposed to the many apparent prophecies or not, on YouTube these days. Sometimes you have to be willing to shout your head off in order to raise the alarm, even if this makes a fool out of you, it is still best to sound the alarm rather than not.

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4 Responses to Turn Your Eyes Towards Memphis (Egypt)

  1. Thanks very much for writing the article and accompanying video. I have researched Virginia Brandt Berg quiet extensively and she was definitely a genuine healing evangelist. She definitely recieved a miraculous healing from the Holy Spirit that was documented as a legitimate occurance. She had a horrific back problem for many years until God healed her, she also wrote a well known book about her supernatural healings titled, “by the hem of his garment,” I actually want to try and find a copy of this book. I think if this prophecy came from Virginia Brandt Berg then it’s coming from someone very credible. Egypt is definitely an occult and Satanic capital as most of the New Agers and occultists use Egyptian symbols and often refer to Egypt in their ideologies. I will definitely keep an eye out in the news for things occuring in Egypt.


  2. Simple Truth says:

    Thanks for your words here. The both interesting and good thing that you have said here regarding Virginia Brandt Berg is that she is a genuine person and that her prophecy, as coming from Jesus, is to be taken seriously. When she received this prophecy back in 1965, you would have to say and assume that back then the storm clouds were rolling in when the words of her prophecy said “already the skies are red red with warning and black black with clouds, gathering for the great confusion that is almost upon you.” My great concern here with this prophesy is that the storm clouds have gathered and therefore the storm is about to break out – a very sobering thought for us all indeed. We have read the book “The Hem of His Garment,” such people as Virginia Brandt Berg are a rare treat and her book is a rare treat too. Stay strong Praise Jesus!


  3. Simple Truth says:

    Thanks for that, very much appreciated!


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