Love Vs Rules

Simple Truth

Rules and regulations, as far as the world is concerned, have more to do with exploitation than liberation. Why is it that so many people find rules and regulations such a bind? Must life be all about toil, labour, and strife? Shouldn’t life be more about life, love, and liberty? It appears to me that just about every organisation that has ever been dreamed up by man was purely dreamed up to cage man in rather than set him free. Organisations, whether they are religious or secular, have more in common with institutions than anything else these days, so much so, that people do find themselves as being merely institutionalised into a great institute that is apparently called life. Was life ever meant to be all about rules and being institutionalised? – Or was life always meant to be, and should be, all about God’s only law of love? So love vs. rules is the big question – to be or not to be? – To love or not to love? – Or merely to follow a book of rules from a mere pie in the sky God! Wouldn’t you rather have your cake and eat it now? Well yes, you can! Simply enter in through the door and there is a nice big cake waiting for you in there, made especially for you, and you can always invite others in for a piece too!

 Touch of Love

 Pet Shop

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