A More Compassionate “Great White Throne Judgement”

Great White Throne Judgement

Simple Truth

Most people have wondered where they will go when they die but as a rule most people don’t look into this subject, most probably because it’s too scary for them and as a result of this people are ill prepared for death – especially these days!  Years ago you would see in some of these old movies how a person at the point of death would call in a priest so that he or she could at least be somewhat spiritually prepared for death. Continue reading

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Man’s greatest need is Love, & Love is God’s great answer!


Man is the same the World over, He just needs love, he needs to be shown love & proven love. Most people are searching for real love but they can’t find it. They know it must exist, they have the hunger for it, the need for it, but so many of them can’t find it because they don’t find the Lord. It’s so sad! But wherever there are Man’s problems, there must be God’s answers! – And it’s such a simple answer – Love! Love is the key, love is the answer, & Jesus is the way, the truth & the life! – He’s the only way they’ll ever find joy, peace, love, happiness & Heaven – Eternal life & love forever! (John 14:6) Continue reading

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Healing the Broken hearted and Setting the Captives Free!


Simple Truth

When you look back at the days when Jesus first stepped onto the world stage then you could say that some people were ripe and ready for His message that He was preaching though of course there were many others who were not so as usual there was a division. Most people’s perception of Jesus for the first thirty years of His life was that He was just an ordinary man and one of the great unheard of’s! Continue reading

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Nothing happens without God’s Will, especially to His child whom He loves!


Nothing “bad” happens to a Christian without some spiritual cause, it’s always for a good reason, to teach us something or because of our own sins, faults, mistakes, neglects or disobediences! The Lord is in control! Nothing happens without His permission – or our permission! Sometimes we get ourselves into trouble through our own carelessness or prayerlessness. Continue reading

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The Wonder of Life!


Simple Truth

A famous and earth shaking man once said, “God moves, He’s a moving God (He doesn’t just sit there), He’s always going, doing, saying, effecting change in every sphere of creation.” 100 days ago our son who is English and lives and works in Beijing China became a father, his wife is Chinese and so we have a half Chinese and half English grandson. The baby in effect has two names rolled into one, his name is both Elijah (Eli for short) meaning “My God is Yahweh” (Jesus) and in Chinese he has a name of similar tones although it is not easy to pronounce which is Enlai meaning appreciation, this of course is interesting to us as a Christian family that our grandson is born into two worlds and two cultures and the world does seem a smaller place these days then it ever did what with all the rapid transportation and the communication networks and in China they use WeChat a lot and so here is a poem written by our grandson’s Chinese grandfather. The poem is interesting to us as it has the flavour of Chinese culture and their aspirations for life and his own cultural aspirations for his grandson. Continue reading

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Childlike Story of Faith

Our son Samuel helped in making this spur of the moment video having lots of fun with with the green screen, it’s not perfect but as they say, it is what it is, so sometimes you just have to forget yourself and have fun but the main thing is the message and that is that it takes an impossible situation for God (Jesus) to do a miracle so Praise Jesus!

The account of this story can be found in Matthew 14:25-33 and Mark 6:45-51.

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