Coming Here to Grow and to Learn and to be “Born Again!”



Simple Truth

We all came here to this earth to grow and to learn and a lot of us will eventually be born again, if we aren’t already! Everything that happens to us from the time that we are born up until the time when we are given the opportunity to be born again will have happened to give us some idea of who we are. Each individual will be given a different sense of right and wrong and therefore who they are and then we will all be called to do something about the wrong that we all find in ourselves to various degrees. Jesus said, “…Verily, verily (truly truly), I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” (John 3:5) Continue reading

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The “Who Done It?” Mystery of Iniquity!


Simple Truth

To understand what the mystery of iniquity is then it is best to look into the words themselves and particularly the words “mystery” and “iniquity.” Looking into these words can be like looking into a crystal ball or it can be like looking through a periscope and your periscope here has a way of looking from one dimension into another and the dimension we are a looking into here is the spiritual dimension and so St Paul used the word “mystery.” The word mystery also has its association with the word mystical so when we are talking mystery in the Bible then we are talking spiritual and so we are looking into the spiritual meaning of the word “mystery.” Continue reading

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“Beautiful” – Love Song From Jesus To His Bride!


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All You Have To Do is Follow Jesus!

SheepGod always knows best, even when we don’t know what we’re doing. As long as we’re obeying & following Him, He’ll lead the way & we’ll soon see where we’re going. Just like the sheep with their shepherd. Jesus said, “When the Good Shepherd puts forth His sheep, He goes before them, & the sheep follow Him (John 10:4) Jesus knows what’s ahead, He knows where the green pastures are & where the mountain passes are & where the cool waters flow. He knows where the folds are, where you’ll be safe & secure. He also knows the danger spots, so you’d better stay close to Him! Continue reading

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Falling in Love!



Simple Truth

There was once a woman who just loved falling in love but no matter how much she fell in love she could never find enough love. She loved everything love had to offer, or a least she thought she loved everything love had to offer, and so she quickly grew up and realised that her best source of love was going to come from men, and so she went from man to man to man, she went through so many men that she even married five of them! In a lot of ways, she just loved the freedom of just throwing off all of her clothes and in this same sense she would throw off all of the garb of humanity and all of the false fronts and so she would try to set herself free with a night or two or three or four or even more, of wild passionate love, at least this is what she hoped for, but she could never find the intimacy that she so longed for. She so longed for that heart with heart, spirit with spirit, body with body, mind with mind, but she never quite found it in a man and so she would marry, divorce, marry, divorce, and even five times she’d got married and divorced and she was now living with a man and of course she would have been thinking that maybe this was Mr Right, or would he turn out to be Mr Wrong again? She’d often nurse her broken dreams, her heart had been broken so many times and she’d often wonder how she could put those pieces back together again! Continue reading

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The Handwriting On The Wall!



The amount of what you might call party animals that you see and even hear of these days is quite staggering, especially in this part of the world in the UK. You just see so many people just rolling down a hill and drinking and becoming pretty verbal with it and the interesting thing about a lot of these people that drink is that they have a way of talking and perhaps for some of them this kind of gives the game away. Our daughter was on a train the other week full of drunks and she heard one of them what you might call going on about religion, and they have a kind of way of singling out Jesus and Christianity for some kind of rough justice, it kind of reminds you of the saying of Shakespeare when he said, “me thinks thou doth protest too much” or it reminds you of Belshazzar. Continue reading

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Where There Is No Vision the People Perish!


Simple Truth

King Solomon was the one who coined the phrase “Where there is no vision, the people perish” but then in the same proverb he goes on to say “but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” (Proverbs 29:18) It’s interesting when you look at this verse because the first half of the verse where it says, “where there is no vision the people perish” comes over as very uplifting and very colourful and has a kind of an inspiration to it and can even read as being deep and some might even use the word “mystical.” But then the next half of the verse tends to bring us all down to earth with a kind of a bump because he then says, “he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” So you then find yourself thinking, “oh, you have to keep a bunch of rules and laws, talk about hit someone over the head with the ten commandments! That kinda smashes my vision rather than gives me one because after all, having a vision sounds more like walking on air whereas keeping laws sounds too much like having my feet on the ground, so did I miss something here, should my vision me mainly the law and the ten commandments or is there something more to the law and the ten commandments that has a more uplifting ring to it?” Continue reading

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