Spiritual Impulse!


Simple Truth

Isn’t it a relief when you finally get a spiritual impulse that breaks through all the madness, it’s as if suddenly out of the blue you get this spiritual impulse that comes from another dimension and it floods out all the lies. It’s not so much that it comes from another dimension, it’s more that it’s coming from Someone else and not from yourself, it’s coming from your inner man and not the outward shell of a man. If you’ve taken Jesus into your heart, then you will understand that you have what you might call an inner man and a spiritual man as opposed to yourself which is a carnal man. We as humans are extremely carnal, our whole lives are pretty much wrapped up with the earth and so most of our impulses have their roots in the material, they are either coming from the material world out there or from our material flesh and our materialistic minds or even from what you might call our materialistic lusts, it’s all endless flesh flesh flesh if you don’t watch yourself, we are bombarded by flesh and the lusts of the flesh. People are becoming more and more like raging waves of the sea foaming out their own shame and you couldn’t get a better description of today’s world than raging waves of the sea foaming out their own shame! Continue reading

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“Male & Female” Created He Them!


Simple Truth

Everything physical is an illustration of something spiritual and one of the greatest illustrations of something spiritual is the creation of both a man and a woman. Both man and woman were created in the image of God, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1:27) This verse is very interesting because it says that man was made in God’s image but then it goes on to say that “male and female created he them” so when we read that it says “man” it means man as in “mankind” being both male and female created in the image of God. So you might ask: “how can male and female both be created in the image of God because one is clearly male and the other is clearly female, surely God isn’t both male and female, this doesn’t make sense!”  Well, we read further on that it talks of the man cleaving unto his wife and they shall become one flesh, this is obviously talking about the sexual union of the male with female in an intimate relationship called marriage and so male and female become one and eventually children are born of that wonderful union. Continue reading

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Finding “True Love” in the Realm of the Spirit – Walking in the Spirit!


Simple Truth

People might wonder what it means to walk in the Spirit, they might think that it means to step out of your body spiritually and to wonder around in a spiritual dimension and perhaps to even fly in that dimension and arrive at other places at the speed of thought, they might think that all you have to do is think yourself there and you are there in an instant. Well, remarkably enough it can no-doubt mean all this sort of thing but do most people find they can do this sort of thing? It appears that such spiritual experiences only happen to what you might call the chosen few! So people read books and try to do these things but often it is all to no avail because it all boils down to wishful thinking and the eventual frustration and coming clean in that the reality is that it didn’t work for you. Continue reading

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The Rise and Reign of the Antichrist – Daniel 11:21-45


Compiled By Daniel Lane From The Writings Of Father David

Propaganda, The Devil’s Lies!

  Verse 21: And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

So this detailed description of the Antichrist begins here in the 21st verse: “a vile person,” in other words an evil person, a liar, he works deceitfully, he’s very clever, he deceives the people, he lies to them with powerful persuasion‚ the war of words, the war of ideology, the war of ideas, the war of propaganda, the war of infiltration. Continue reading

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Looking for Love!


Simple Truth

Anyone who is looking for love should be looking for pure love because unless you are looking for pure love you’ll never find love. If this day and age could ever testify to what love isn’t then it would have to testify that love is not mechanical and it is not selfish, it’s not about gratification, it’s not about the me me generation that we now have, in fact, it is the very opposite to all of these, love is more about giving than receiving so you have to give love in order to get love so love finds those who seek it for others. So I suppose the first step anyone should take is to ask themselves: am I looking to give love or to get love? The answer to that is that you first have to draw nigh to love and then love will draw nigh to you! Continue reading

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Computers and “Weird Science” in the Bible!


Simple Truth

People do wonder and they have also arrived at the conclusion that computers are actually in the bible, the most obvious example of this is what’s called “The Image of the Beast.” This reference to “beast” in the bible when it talks of the image of the beast is referencing the Antichrist and the image of the beast references what you might call the statue that is made in his image. Lots of famous people in the world have statues made in their image such as great religious leaders and political leaders and various religions have also had statues made in the image of their gods. Famously, devil worshipers approach their god through statues, the statue is a representative of their particular god and so in this same sense devil worshippers, a worshipper of Baal let’s say, would approach his statue and3871689865 therefore would approach his god spiritually because in this same sense the demon or devil would operate through that statue on a spiritual level and so that statue would kind of have a soul although it doesn’t move physically it can still speak to the communicator spiritually and this believe it or not is how it works and it is an absolute fact that devil worshippers do communicate with their god on a spiritual level through a statue or through various symbols all of course symbolising the same thing, a devil or a demon. Continue reading

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Exploring the Resurrection!


Simple Truth

If you are looking into the resurrection, then you could say that you are looking into the possibility of one day being restored back to full health and life and more. We all know that one way or another we are all going to die and so we all at times wonder what happens to us after we die and so some people look into the possibility of a resurrection and what exactly it all entails. There are two examples in the bible that particularly touch upon the resurrection and one is Jesus Himself, He died physically and then three days later He appeared to His disciples and clearly He was alive again. The other example of the resurrection that stands out is that of Lazarus, Lazarus you could say was a kind of a sample of the resurrection and a kind of a prototype and you could even say that he was a kind of a cat out of the bag example of the resurrection because when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead people could clearly see him walking around town and to everyone’s surprise he was very much alive again. Some saw happiness and hope in this whereas others, the Pharisees, saw alarm, the cat was now out of the bag and everyone could clearly see that Jesus was the true Messiah and Saviour, He’d raised a man from the dead and so we read that it says, talking of raising Lazarus from the dead: Continue reading

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